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Three Countries Blocked Skopje and Tirana from Starting Accession Negotiations with the EU

EU leaders have failed to agree to launch accession talks with northern Macedonia and Albania, NOVA TV reported.

A major opponent of this idea is French President Emmanuel Macron. He urges the Community to reform its membership rules before the accession of new Member States. Leaders are expected to try to persuade Macron that Brussels should respect the efforts of Skopje and Tirana once again on Friday.

The attempts for the separation of northern Macedonia from Albania also failed at the summit. The Netherlands and Denmark are against pre-accession talks with Tirana.

Starting negotiations requires the full unanimity of the Member States.

The New European Commission Delayed for at Least One Month

Ursula von der Leyen will have to wait a month before heading to the next European Commission, as the European Parliament rejected three candidate-commissioners, the institution’s spokesman said Wednesday (16 October), Euractiv reported.

The Parliament is “willing to vote on time to allow new Commission to start December 1,” spokesman Jaume Duch tweeted. The new Commission had been due to take office on November 1.

Duch added a call for the “rapid appointment of the new three commissioners-designate”.

The new EC was due to take office on November 1, but but the rejection slowed the whole process, BTA recalls.

MEP David Sassoli and leaders of the various political groups met yesterday and decided not to include the vote on the approval of the new EC in its agenda for next week's plenary session.

The European Commissioner-designate candidates from France, Romania and Hungary are still missing.

No Breakthrough in EU-UK Brexit Negotiations – Talks Continue Today

Negotiations between the European Union and the UK on Brexit continued throughout the night, but no breakthrough was achieved. The two sides will seek a compromise today, ahead of the EU summit tomorrow and for the second time, the AP reported.

"The discussions continued until late in the the night and will continue today," said a European representative, who requested anonymity.

The two sides hope that a divorce agreement can be reached in the coming hours after more than three years of false starts and sudden turnovers, the AP notes.

EU leaders gather tomorrow - just two weeks before the UK's planned exit from the union on October 31st.

The EU Gives "Green Light" to Intensive Brexit Talks

The 27 Member States have given the green light to accelerated negotiations with UK, AFP reported. This happened during a meeting between EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier and the Permanent Representatives of the 27 in the EU.

The decision was made after today's interview with Barnier’s British counterpart, Stephen Barclay. Barnier described the meeting with Barkley as constructive, but called for patience.

According to EU sources, Barnier told the ambassadors that the UK had accepted that replacing the Irish border security mechanism would not lead to a customs border between the EU Member State and the Northern province of Ireland, Reuters reported. 

According to European sources, the EU considers Britain's proposals sufficient to open negotiations for a new deal, DPA reported.

The European Commission has announced that London and Brussels have agreed to speed up negotiations in the coming days.

French President Emmanuel Macron hinted on Friday that the “next few hours” could be crucial regarding the possibility of a breakthrough on a Brexit deal.

Asked by a Reuters reporter if there was a “glimmer of hope” regarding a Brexit agreement, Macron replied: “Let us wait for the next few hours.”, Reuters reported.

The European Commission Launches Infringement Proceedings against Bulgaria and Portugal

Bulgaria does not comply with EU law in 7 areas, according to a statement released by the European Commission today.

The European Commission has decided to launch infringement proceedings against Bulgaria and Portugal for misapplication of the provisions of the ITS Directive. It requires Member States to strengthen national laws in this area and impose stricter sanctions, including on large-scale cyber-attacks.

States are also obliged to improve cooperation between their authorities through operational contact points, available 24 hours a day and throughout the week.

The Commission also calls on Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria to respect the EU's exclusive competence in the automated exchange of DNA data, fingerprints and vehicle registration, and has decided to initiate infringement proceedings by sending formal notices to them. They are in connection with the signing of an agreement with 5 countries from the Western Balkans a year ago.

Bulgaria will also receive a letter of formal notice for non-compliance with European law on marine equipment. Our country is in another list of 4 other countries that do not comply with the directive on minimum safety measures related to the infrastructure and operation of tunnels.

The Commission also calls on Bulgaria to report, within the deadline, on the state of the environment in marine waters, on waste, and to transpose the Brands Directive into our national legislation.

Greece with the Highest Number of Unemployed Graduates in the EU

In 2018, Greece had the highest unemployment rate among university graduates aged 25-39 (19.9%) in the European Union, according to a study by the Greek Agency for Quality and Accreditation (ADIP).

The study also revealed that, although many students are admitted to universities in Greece, few are graduating. This is mainly addressed by the phenomenon of so-called "eternal students" - because of a system that allows undergraduates to continue their studies indefinitely.

The large number of these students also leads to inflated student numbers and explains why Greece has the highest student-teacher ratio compared to other EU countries.

The survey showed that the proportion of students to teachers is 38.7: 1, while Eurostat data for 2017 shows that the average ratio in the European Union is 15.4 students per teacher.

Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus Want More Solidarity and EU Funds in order to Handle the Migrant Pressure

Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus have called on the EU not to neglect the rise in migration flows across the Eastern Mediterranean. Following today's session of the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Luxembourg, the interior ministers of the three countries also demanded the effective implementation of the 2016 agreement with Turkey by returning more migrants and eradicating criminal networks for trafficking in human beings, BNR reported.

Sofia, Athens and Nicosia have called for additional funding for countries in the region to tackle the migration crisis. Bulgarian Interior Minister Mladen Marinov said pressure levels along Bulgarian borders remain relatively low, thanks to good co-operation with Turkish authorities.

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