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MEPs create biggest far-right group in European parliament

ID’s influence doubtful, however, after falling short in aim to become third-biggest bloc

Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini’s MEPs have joined forces with anti-immigration parties across Europe to create the biggest far-right group in the European parliament.

Despite promises to become “a thorn in the flesh of the establishment”, the group of 73 MEPs falls short of Salvini’s ambition of upending the system of EU lawmaking by becoming the third-largest group in the parliament.

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Jeremy Corbyn is right: Labour needs both its leavers and its remainers | Larry Elliott

Those who attack him over the second referendum wilfully ignore the party’s roots, plus the many defects of the EU

In his essay on the 1951 Festival of Britain, Michael Frayn drew a contrast between the carnivores and the herbivores. Carnivores were the better off: those who looked after themselves even if it meant preying on the weak. The herbivores were the gentle ruminants of the middle classes, guilty about their advantages and with eyes full of sorrow for the less fortunate.

Although founded to give a political voice to the industrial working class, the Labour party has always had its herbivore wing, and when enough white-collar workers and intellectuals have lined up alongside the party’s blue-collar contingent it has proved a winning formula. Labour’s big election victories – 1945, 1966, 1997 – were all examples of successful coalition-building.

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