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Adonis apologises for telling Brexiters not to vote Labour in EU elections

Peer backs party’s alternative plan for leaving EU in post compared to ‘hostage note’

The pro-remain Labour peer Andrew Adonis, who is standing for the party in the EU elections, has backed its “sensible alternative plan” to deliver a Brexit deal, in a Facebook post that baffled some of his supporters.

In the post, Lord Adonis, a candidate in the European parliament elections in the south-west of England, apologised for “off-the-cuff comments” he had made during an LBC radio phone interview, in which he said those who are pro-Brexit should not vote Labour because the party was going to stop Britain leaving the EU.

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There will be no soft Brexit now. It’s no deal, revoke or another vote | Martin Kettle

A compromise solution was possible once, but not any more. For pro-Europeans, the choice is starker and simpler

Ever since the Brexit vote in June 2016, many of us pro-Europeans have had to live with a dilemma. On the one hand, we regarded the vote to leave the European Union as a disaster for our country. On the other, we accepted the galling reality that it was the democratically expressed view of the majority. Three years on, I still think we were right about Brexit. But we still lost the vote.

At times in the past five months, a pragmatic compromise has seemed tantalisingly viable

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Farage: Brexit party will use EU poll to oust ‘remain parliament’

Former Ukip leader outlines ambition to take control of Brexit process at rally in Clacton

Nigel Farage has returned to the seaside town where Ukip had its first MP elected five years ago, promising at a rally in Clacton that his new Brexit party will use the momentum of European elections to oust a “remain parliament”.

Railing against a “political class” who he said had betrayed the people of Britain, Farage claimed to hundreds of supporters on Clacton pier that what was at stake was not just Brexit, but whether or not Britain was a democratic country.

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Our Brexit limbo has given us two new parties, but the same old politics | Rafael Behr

Never mind the insurgent ‘outsiders’. What we need is better politicians, not anti-politics, to get us out of this mess

Imagine that, for some reason, you want to lose an election. You need a vote-repellent campaign, something really unsupportable. You would probably form the Establishment party – passionately in favour of the system, cheering for the status quo. Your candidates would boast of their credentials as career politicians. Their slogan would be “business as usual”.

This imaginary party is the perfect adversary, the most beatable thing in British politics – which is why real-life parties all want to run against it. Everyone claims to be the new politics and pins the despicable badge of oldness on their rivals.

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Farage’s new recruits join class struggle for the glorification of Nige | John Crace

Brexit party candidates prove as unconvincing as their leader in vowing to emancipate the people

You’d have thought that if Theresa May was really serious about the UK not taking part in the European elections, she might have chosen not to spend the whole of last week on holiday. And that she might have been pushing ahead to get her deal through parliament sometime this week. Or next. Instead her team have been involved in ongoing half-hearted talks with Labour that everyone knows will inevitably end in deadlock. The most interesting development to emerge so far has been the varied sandwich menu.

But the prime minister is a woman who likes to have a plan. Even if her plan is to have no plan. So the government is adamant there is no need for it to make any more than cursory arrangements for the elections due to take place in four weeks’ time. The Conservatives are the uncoiled spring. Poised to give the appearance of being taken by surprise. Not everyone is quite so convinced the elections won’t happen, which is why they have been using the time since article 50 was extended until October to prepare for them.

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Former communist standing as MEP for Farage’s Brexit party

Libertarian Claire Fox is one of five new candidates announced for European elections

Nigel Farage’s Brexit party has unveiled a former revolutionary communist who once supported Irish republicanism and opposed the Good Friday peace deal as one of five new candidates for the European elections.

Claire Fox, who now styles herself as a libertarian and is a panellist on BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze programme, told the launch event she most likely only agreed with Farage on one issue – Brexit.

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Only Labour can stop Nigel Farage and his Thatcherite revival | Andrew Adonis

A win for the Brexit party at the European elections would be catastrophic for Britain. There is only one way to stop them

• Andrew Adonis is a Labour peer. He is standing to become a Labour MEP at the European elections

In the European elections, in just 31 days’ time, Britain faces a stark choice. Will we back Nigel Farage or stop him? To stop Farage, Labour must come out on top. This isn’t just a mathematical and presentational reality (no other opposition party is likely to outpoll him), it is also a political imperative. For to defeat Farage, it is essential that we not only outvote him but also overwhelm his hard-right Thatcherite ideology.

Related: Nigel and Annunziata’s Brexit show basks in the sun, but winter is coming

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