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YOUR DAILY BREXIT – Thursday 21st February 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT – Thursday 21st February 2019

It’s ‘the morning after’, and as predicted yesterday (see here) the TIG Splitters reign supreme in today’s MSM. Even the ‘ISIS Bride’ story is slowly sinking below this tide. News on Brexit? On Ms May’s visit to M Juncker? On the Backstop? Forget about it – it’s TIGs all the way down … But since this will now have an impact on the Brexit votes in the HoC, we do need to take a closer look.

Let me say right at the beginning that I’m not going to talk about what TIGgery means for the body politic in the widest sense – that is worthy of a proper essay on its own. The point to be kept in mind is this: Ms May will ‘bring forward’ her WA to a vote in the HoC on the 26th of February, should the EU ministers agree to it at their meeting in Sharm-el-Sheik in Egypt on Sunday. That’s where the TIGgery comes in – see for example this report about the TIGs formally meeting with the Libdems:

“If the 22 MPs  [TIG + Libdems] were to secure an agreement to frustrate Brexit – for example, by demanding another referendum – it could cause huge problems for Theresa May as she attempts to win backing for her deal. […] Sir Vince said: ‘We will hold out the hand of friendship to the Independent MPs with whom we already have a good working relationship. In the short term we will be concentrating on securing a People’s Vote, with an option to stay.’(my bold)


So TIG is not really about ‘destroying the Tory Party’ which is, according to Ms Soubry, in thrall to the ERG and DUP and is now of course a ‘radical, hard-right Party’ according to the BBC and SKY – it is about destroying Brexit by all and any means. While the LibDems have been true Remainers (which is their right), the TIGs were all elected on their Party manifestos of getting us out: turncoats one and all.

But there’s worse – the Tory TIGs are now trying to get more Tory Remainers to join. Up to twenty, with some Labour MPs for good measure are allegedly ‘ready to jump ship’. This is crucial: even if they stay in their Parties, the usual suspects who’ve been putting pressure on Ms May with threats of resignation have now issued an ultimatum. The Express writes:

“Remain Cabinet ministers this week demanded she take no deal off the table by extending Article 50. They told the Prime Minister she must promise to delay Brexit if no deal is agreed upon before the March 29 deadline, or they will join Tory rebels in the vote next week. […] One Tory minister told The Sun: “The Prime Minister has a choice, and that was made clear to her. Either take no deal off the table by extending Article 50 or she will have to sack the lot of us, and still be defeated.” News of the ultimatum came as it emerged the Prime Minister has given up on sealing a new deal in time for the Commons vote.” (my bold)

In their zeal to stop Brexit at all costs, MPs, TIGs and prospective TIGs have now dropped their masks. While they talk about ‘the will of the people’, the fact is that we, the people, our opinions and voices do not matter. This snippet from the paywalled Times – unsurprisingly from the same lot who demand an extension to Article 50 – shows it clearly:

“The Times understands that members of the cabinet want the prime minister to speak out against moves to deselect Conservative MPs. One also urged her to counter the “perception” among pro-EU Tory MPs that she was indulging Eurosceptic backbenchers.”

God forbid that party members deselect the MPs whom they got elected by their hard work and who now betray them! That would make those MPs turn into TIGs! The trend is obvious: stop Brexit, blame the “Hard-Line-Brexiteers” for not caving in, and betray the 17.4 million Brexit voters.

There is however the “Law of Unintended Consequences” which the Remainers disregard at their peril. Allister Heath writes in the paywalled DT:

“They don’t want to be accused of precipitating a general election and a Jeremy Corbyn victory – but one either has the courage of one’s convictions, or one doesn’t. […] The reality is that there are now just 314 Tory MPs and 10 DUP MPs. If and when a handful more Tories quit, or if Sinn Fein, egged on by the Irish government, were to take its seven seats in Parliament, it would be game over for Theresa May. We are therefore closer than ever to a general election: that is what great political realignments and defections necessarily imply. It is not very honest to downplay this. And why not make it explicit that the only real reason for leaving the Tories now is Brexit?” (my bold)

It would be ironic if Ms May would be forced to call a General Election now. Ironic because TIG is not a political party, the TIGs would all have to stand on their own – no party infrastructure to help them. Ironic because Ms May would have to hold the GE next month, which would mean the EU would agree to an extension to Article 50 with all that implies, e.g. the election of new UK members to the EU Parliaments. Ironic because an extension to Article 50 would mean a huge loss of votes for LabCon and the TIGs because we won’t forgive them their betrayal. Ironic also because, since Parliament would be suspended during a GE, we could leave on March 29th with no deal as there won’t be any ‘meaningful votes’ should an extension to Article 50 not be granted by the EU.

As for ‘real’ Brexit news: there aren’t any. Ms May chatted with M Juncker and they agreed that today the Attorney General will talk to M Barnier. That ‘crucial’ meeting in Egypt? Yesterday’s news – not important. What Spain says about Gibraltar being a colony – forget it. But do take note that, in the now usual underhand way when reporting on Brexit, our MSM have been very quiet about the Political Declaration. Do read this excellent analysis in BrexitCentral!

We must stay vigilant while we wait – for that ‘legally binding’ proposal on the Backstop, and for next Tuesday’s ‘meaningful’ vote in the HoC

Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock …


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Why do we Appease the Terrorist Appeasers?!

Why do we Appease the Terrorist Appeasers?!

Her UK family have capable lawyers working on her behalf, but who is paying for this legal assistance? The public are entitled to know, especially if it is legal aid providing the funding. The majority of the British public, as in so many issues, is given little voice on this subject.

We are told we would be breaking international law if we took away her British citizenship or prevented her from returning. We are told we cannot make her “stateless.” This status is actually not that unusual, and although it does reduce a lot of basic rights, it depends very much on the country in which a “stateless person” is living.


Should or would she be a “stateless person?”

For instance, Palestinians living in Syria, who are “stateless persons,” are broadly given the same rights as Syrian citizens. In fact, there are a few hundred thousand “stateless persons” living in Syria of various backgrounds, so if Ms Begum were to be “stateless” there, it would hardly be that abnormal. There are in fact, according to UN estimates, approximately 12 million “stateless persons” in the world, including in Europe, so it is not an uncommon problem. What is important, is to make the protection of British citizens paramount, over the so called “rights” of someone associated with ISIS Daesh. We should not be making it okay to just come back into UK society as if the person concerned had been on some kind of holiday jaunt.


Does allowing ISIS supporters back into the UK encourage terrorism?

We cannot and should not forget, not only the terror in Iraq and the Middle East, but the IS inspired terrorist attacks in the UK as well as worldwide. To allow people like Ms Begum back into the UK is like dancing over the graves of the victims of those murdered in the Manchester terrorist bombings and other IS inspired terrorism acts in the UK. It is tantamount to sanctioning such actions, and these people must realise there will be serious consequences for them, if they want to destroy the very society which gave them citizenship.


Ms Begum and her husband should stay in Syria

Ms Begum should be handed over to the Syrian or Kurdish authorities for questioning, the same as her husband. The Syrians and the Kurds are the only people who really have the full intelligence about what ISIS Daesh supporters, such as Ms Begum and her husband, have been up to. UK intelligence is simply not as informed on these issues.


Do ISIS supporters tell the truth to the media and authorities?

Little is said of Ms Begum’s Dutch Jihadi husband, who surrendered to the Kurdish dominated SDF. Under Shia law, her baby would have the name of her father, not her mother, unless she was raped (and there is no suggestion that she entered this marriage other than completely willingly). Indeed we are now told that her baby, a son, has been given the name of his brother who died, but of course this is still the father’s name.

The media have only given part of his name, “Jarrah,” named after a jihadist commander (surprise, surprise), but his father would have taken on a muslim name on his conversation to jihadist extremism. His father is named in the media with his Dutch name of Yago Riedijk, but it is interesting that very little is revealed about his birth and upbringing apart from the comment that he grew up in a middle class community. Indeed, no photos have been published of his father, mother and sister (yet photos have been published of Shamima’s family). A photo of him is attached with his mother’s face blanked out.


Why does Ms Begum want to leave Syria and her husband?

For someone so committed to him why does she want to leave him, or is she acting under his instructions? She has already admitted she is still very much in love with him and that it was his wish to have their son named Jarrah. Her story, like those of many jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq, could well have a great deal of  fiction in it. They are advised to be inventive with what they have been through. We do not even know if her story about losing two children is actually true either. We know that ISIS Daesh have told their followers to go to Europe and carry out campaigns of destroying our societies here. Already in the UK alone, over 425 ISIS fighters have returned, hardly a comforting thought.


What about Ms. Begum’s baby?  He would be a Dutch citizen as well as potentially a UK one, and Ms Begum herself can apply to be a Dutch citizen. We simply are not given the full picture about her. There have been some social media comments that she was actually born in Bangladesh, and that she could have dormant dual nationality.


There appear to be many other actions the UK Home Secretary could take to prevent her return; although it has already been announced that her British citizenship will be stripped, it is clear her family intends to legally challenge the decision. One of a number of options would be the issuing of a Temporary Exclusion Order (TEO), which can be extended indefinitely. It would appear that the only way she could legally come to the UK in such circumstances would be if she was deported here by the Iraqi or Turkish authorities, if she came under their jurisdiction. It is not impossible for the UK government to use its influence to ensure that would not happen.


Ms begum and her family should stay in Syria and help repair the damage they have caused

Then there is the issue of who should look after the baby son? Are she or her husband fit persons to be parents? Are her own family in England, who have questionable Islamist beliefs, fit persons either? Why, too, do we hear nothing from Yago Riedijk’s parents about whether they would like to look after their grandson? Are they fit and proper persons? It seems there is just part of the larger picture of information which for some reason is being withheld from us. It is known that Yago Riedijk was sentenced in absence for six years, for a foiled attempted act of terrorism in Arnhem in the Netherlands and he is wanted there. But would it serve the best interests of the Dutch people for him to return and probably be released early?


Ironically, the best option might be for Ms Begum, her husband and newly born son to remain in Syria. In the interests of justice, the Kurds and the Syrian government should be able to assess how culpable either of them may have been in any acts of murder and /or brutality. If they are innocent of anything too untoward, then the Syrian government has a successful reconciliation scheme where former jihadists are allowed back into normal society providing they renounce terrorism. Considering the horrors that  ISIS Daesh have inflicted on the Syrian people, would not the best future for Ms Begum and her husband be to pay back to that society by contributing to its rehabilitation and bringing up their child there? They both turned their backs willingly on what the UK and Holland offered them, so now it is not appropriate for them to reap what they sowed?


It will be a telling time for the UK government. Will it be a case of many words but this terrorist supporter still returning to the UK? We can only hope that sense will prevail and that the Home Secretary’s utterances will not be those of a toothless bulldog. USA President Donald Trump has recently insisted that captured ISIS fighters are returned to their European countries for trial and has effectively said they will be released otherwise. The USA does have some influence over the Kurds, who they have been supporting. However, on this issue, Donald Trump is wrong, because these ISIS fighters would better kept in Syria and put on trial there.

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The Empire Strikes Back.

The Empire Strikes Back.

It will not be surprising if the Leave victory in the EU Referendum of 23rd June 2016 is overruled, because the British government itself is opposed to leaving the European Union. Most if not all Leave ministers have now resigned or been sacked. Their Department for Exiting the European Union (DEXU) has been bypassed by the Remain team of Theresa May & Olly Robbins in Downing Street, as has the Cabinet also when necessary.

There are 650 MPs in the House of Commons. It is the House in Parliament that matters because the Lords cannot stop Bills from the Commons for more than two years. 480 of the MPs in the Commons campaigned for Remain in the run-up to the EU Referendum. Only 158 Commons MPs campaigned for Leave. Three-fourths of the Commons were for Remain, including all but ten Labour MPs, and yet Leave won the 2016 Referendum with the biggest ever vote in British history. That shows how alien Parliament in Westminster was then to the British people, and it is certainly no less alien now.

Mrs May campaigned for Remain, so did Philip Hammond the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and so did John Bercow the Speaker, although the Speaker is supposed to be impartial. Contrary to Donald Tusk’s recent claim, they do have a plan; their plan is to stop Brexit. Mrs May knew that Article 50 was introduced into the Lisbon Treaty as a snare to catch countries trying to escape from the European Union.

That is why she started the Article 50 negotiations because she knew their purpose was to stop Brexit. And the Withdrawal Agreement she has negotiated with the EU will keep Britain captive in a stagnating EU until the end of 2099 (see Article 132 in her Agreement). The EU Commission knows that British firms in an independent free-trading Britain outside the EU Customs Union would soon become too competitive for EU exporters. So, the Commission must keep the UK a prisoner inside the Customs Union to stop it making its own trade agreements with the free world outside the EU. After all, since the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 the EU’s share of world trade has halved in volume, from a third to a sixth, as the cesspit of corruption that is the EU stagnates.

If Mrs May had wanted Britain to leave the EU, she would have unilaterally and unconditionally declared Britain’s independence from it when she became Prime Minister. It was her right to do that; national self-determination is a fundamental right in international law. Britain could have left the EU before 2017 and begun to trade with the EU under the terms of trade of the World Trade Organisation, like the rest of the world does now.

But after 23rd June 2016, Mrs May and other EU enforcers in the British government realised that the British people could no longer be trusted to submit to EU rule. The agents of the EU in Her Majesty’s Government are determined that nothing like the 2016 Referendum will be allowed to happen again. The dictatorial Joint Committee in their misnamed Withdrawal Agreement will end the pretense that there has been of parliamentary sovereignty since 1972. Then it was that the House of Commons voted to serve Brussels rather than the British people when it passed Edward Heath’s European Communities Bill.

The 23rd June 2016 came as a profound shock to the EU retainers who comprise our government; they were sure that Remain would win. They had sent a booklet from Her Majesty’s Government to every household in Britain. Its title was “Why the Government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK”. In it, they wrote: “This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide.” That’s how confident they were. That booklet cost £9 million pounds of taxpayers’ money. Whitehall signed off the tax to pay for it, even though civil servants are supposed to be impartial about politics.

The Remain campaign, funded by bankers like Goldman Sachs, outspent the Leave campaign by £19 million to £11 million, according to the Electoral Commission. Opinion polls and betting odds foretold a Remain victory. But in the privacy of the polling booth, people felt free to express their true feelings, and the immense chasm between the British people and their alien Parliament in Westminster was revealed.

Mrs May, who might as well be a member of Common Purpose, was one of the 480 MPs who declared themselves for Remain before 23rd June 2016. So most MPs were in favour of the elected leaders of Britain’s Parliament passing off the policies of unelected EU Commissioners as their own. And that is what Mrs May is doing now; her misnamed Agreement is the policy of EU bureaucrats and their counterparts in Whitehall. It is not the will of the British people.

Her response to the British rebellion against EU rule on 23rd June 2016 is a “coup d’état” at the start of the transition period. That is when the Joint Committee in her falsely named Withdrawal Agreement will take back control for the EU, not from it (see Articles 164 to 169). From then on, that secretive junta will be the custodian keeping Britain captive as a colonial possession of the EU empire until the end of this century.

After their shock defeat in the UK Referendum on 23rd June 2016, the EU and its myriad henchmen (& hench-women) in Westminster & Whitehall have decided to suppress democracy and install the dictatorship of their Joint Committee junta over Britain. Their Department for Exiting the European Union (DEXU) has been bypassed by Theresa May’s Remain team of civil servants in Downing Street led by Ollie Robbins, as has the Cabinet also when necessary”.

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Shamima Begum – there is more to the story

Shamima Begum – there is more to the story

Once again, a story of national interest has polarised the left and the right in this country. The young girl from Bethnal Green who left to join Isis with two friends when she was merely fifteen has awoken the country from its Brexit stupor to be reminded of the evil that is the caliphate of Daesh.

The girl Shamima is now nineteen years old. She has had two children whilst married to an Isis fighter. They sadly died, the second child was nineteen months old and she states it died of malnutrition, although, it has to be said, she does look very well. She has just given birth to her third child, a boy, in a refugee camp in Syria,

She is in the camp because the territory Isis held has diminished in size and the number of people remaining as a fighting force numbers no more than 800. So Shamima has clearly got herself to safety and has left her husband behind to fight.

The Isis that once held great swathes of land across the middle east is now almost non- existent. They are, if reports from the USA are to be believed, shortly to be extinct.

It’s important to note that her husband, Yago Riedijk, is a Dutch man and is wanted for an act of terrorism in Arnhem in the Netherlands.

It is also important to note that her father, who is calling for her to be returned home safely with his grandson, is a supporter of Isis and the Caliphate. One also has to ask the question when Shamima and her friends left to go to Syria – how did a fifteen-year old girl get the monies, transport, passport and guidance to get there? It seems the trip was very well planned and executed. My experience of Muslim girls as young as these three were is that they can hardly go out to the shops without a chaperone and strict rules to follow.

So we now have a dilemma. It is law that as a British passport holder, if she can get herself to a country (Turkey being the nearest) with consular support, then there is nothing to stop this young woman coming back to England. It is emerging though that she was actually born in Bangladesh, so whether that muddies the waters about her re-patriation or not remains to be seen.

Back here in Blighty we have very set views: you either believe she should come home, along with her child of course, and settle, or be left to rot where she is. It is clear from interviews that she has no remorse about her actions, she is unfazed by things she has seen and experienced. Furthermore, she has no regrets whatsoever about travelling at fifteen to a far off, war-torn country to join a killing cult the likes of which has not been seen or experienced since Ghengis Khan or the Third Reich.

The Home Secretary has made his views very clear. Senior officials and pundits alike have all said she should be interviewed and brought to justice if guilty of offences. I suggest this is largely moot now as both the Telegraph (who first brought this story to light) and Sky News have interviewed her at length, and of course she denies any wrongdoing.

Just how a detective in London is going to prove or otherwise any criminality committed by this girl is a mystery. She is clearly worldly wise, would have a human rights lawyer or a team with her, probably on legal aid, and the task would be, I suggest, impossible.

What of her future? She has no qualifications, no skills to transfer to the world of work here. Her infamy would, I suggest, negate much chance of meaningful employment so the book writing and interviews on Loose Women would beckon. Magazine interviews, pictures and self-help books for others wishing to join a killing cult would, I am sure, make her a great living. Coupled with an Instagram following our Shamima will be set for life.

Contrast the call for her to come home and be feted by those on the left who see this as a cause celebre, to the plight of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman begging for sanctuary in a Christian country from her persecution in Pakistan. Oh no – there was no outrage, no sympathy for this young lady!

The Prime Minister no less intervened on this one in order to put it to bed. Asia, who spent eight years in jail for an offence of blasphemy she clearly did not commit was turned down by our Theresa on the grounds that letting her come here might, just might, upset certain communities within our parishes.

Oh how wrong this country has become! Oh how we have gone off our axis and wallow in the soup of pathetic virtue signaling and Political Correctness! How can we ever get ourselves out of this soup made of the ingredients of wrong decision making, clever platitudes, lies and deceit!   

When did standing up for what is right and proper, truthful and common sense, become so wrong? Why do we not put our people and children first? The risks of all these Isis fighters and wives and girlfriends returning here is, to anyone with an ounce of common sense, a risk too great to take. I await with sadness the first casualty on these shores caused by some lunatic who thinks we are the infidel and must all be destroyed.

Stand back and see what happens then. I guarantee it will not be yet another candle light vigil.


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Where has all the money gone?

Where has all the money gone?

When I first heard about the garden bridge project, I was quite supportive. A large bridge over the Thames which would be a garden and woodland escape from the noise and bustle of the capital of the country appealed.

It would also be a major tourist attraction and probably, as most things innovative and British, I am sure large cities across the world would copy this new concept.

The project caused a great stir amongst the media as it was initially proposed by the actress Joanna Lumley. Thomas Heatherwick an architect worked with an engineering company called Arup on the proposal for Transport for London. It was set to be funded largely by private funding garnered from donations through charitable gift aid. Construction costs, as at April 2017 were estimated to be £170 million.

Sadly, as the way of a lot of innovative British ideas, the cost and funding took over the wonderful fantasy of trees flowers beds of lilies and sunflowers. The bridge therefore got cancelled as costs were estimated to rise to well over £200 million.

Much speculation was made about what the expenditure had been made to get the design, planning and basic plans for this bridge to the point where it was abandoned. As usual no clarity was ever given and the project ended its life in April 2017.

There then ensued a public row between Boris Johnson, the previous Mayor of London, and Sadiq Khan the current Mayor. Boris blamed Khan for pulling the plug on the project and “killing it”, Khan said Londoners should be “very angry” at wasted monies expended on the failed bridge. It was said then that approximately £37 million had been spent.

£26 million from the Department of Transport and £11 million from the Transport for London department was spent. £8.4 million was given to the company engineering company Arup.

Revised figures out recently put the spend at more than £53.5 million.

Taking the lower figure of £37 million pounds. This was spent on what exactly? People reading this will agree that this is an enormous amount of money. No bricks were laid, no steel structures made for the bridge, no plants or trees planted. There is no bridge, there is no entrance to the bridge, no drawings of it. There is nothing now whatsoever to tell anyone that this bridge was even a seed of an idea in the mind of an actress.

Where is the money? Where are the accounts and who got paid and how much and for what activity or service did they get £37 millions?

Someone in an office somewhere pressed the BACS transfer button from one account to another or signed off a cheque that would allow funds to be sent. Who sent the money or signed the cheques?

It seems as other things which have happened involving large amounts of public money that there is simply no accountability. No one loses a job or is at the very least demoted.

Remember “Kids Company”? Millions of pounds were given to the owner and founder, the very colourful Camila Batmanghelidjh of this charity. Oliver Letwin was the minister who authorized payments totalling £3 million for an emergency restructure into the Kids Club account from Government. This was literally days before it shut up shop and ceased to be.

Who has lost their job over that, who was responsible, where are the accounts for that failed company? Where is the money? Who got it, it was millions, has anyone chased the money, where did it go within days of landing into the account before the company ceased to be? It was alleged that most of that money went to pay salaries owed to staff, what £3 million? This cannot be and you just have to wonder what the hell happened to all that money.

The current HS2 project has uprooted many people already in both homes and businesses. It has caused heartache and serious problems to many people, not withstanding the many thousands of others who are seeing their homes and businesses and land compulsory purchased.

Estimates for the railway (which will get you from London to Birmingham a whole half hour quicker) were originally around £58 billion. This is now reported to be nearer £110 billion and rising. You can bet your bottom dollar it will be much more than £110 billion by the time the trains get going.

There is now though a growing unrest about the project and some MPs are calling for it to be scrapped. How much has been spent so far? Millions have gone already to PR companies, who, what, where and when. As per usual we will not get to know. There is one thing for sure, someone has got very wealthy out of this.

There is no accountability. No one loses their jobs, no one assumes or takes responsibility for vast sums of monies literally disappearing from the public purse.

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The EU is good for British Industry? Oh no it isn’t!

The EU is good for British Industry? Oh no it isn’t!

There’s been a lot of stories of manufacturing jobs moving abroad using the excuse …”because of Brexit“.

Anyone think the EU is good for British industry or any other business simply hasn’t paid attention to what has been systematically asset-stripped from the UK over the last 47 years. The EU actively encourages UK-based firms to leave the UK with loans, but the EU hasn’t been the only reason. Labour and Conservative alike are equally to blame.

The Mini that David Cameron stood in front of as an example of British engineering are built by BMW mostly in Holland and Austria. Former PM David Cameron’s Remain battle-bus in June 2016 was made in Germany even though we have Plaxton, Optare, Bluebird, Dennis etc, in the UK. The Remain battle-bus was recycled for Theresa May’s 2017 General Election campaign. Says it all doesn’t it? (Reference)

Cadbury’s ( now owned by Kraft) moved their factory to Poland in 2011 – see here.

Ford Southampton moved their Transit van plant from to Turkey in 2013 with an €80 million EU loan allegedly backed by George Osborne when he was Governor of the European Investment Bank. Loan guaranteed by the UK Taxpayer! (References here and here)

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR is owned by Tata Steel, the same company who have trashed our steelworks and emptied the workers pension funds), agreed, before Brexit, to build a new plant in Slovakia, now opened in Oct 2018 with €125 million Slovakian state aid fund, backed by the EU Commission (Reference)

Now JLR say they have cut production in UK…because of “no deal” fears? No, people are buying fewer Diesel cars because of government policy, who at first encouraged us all to convert to diesel, now say we should convert to electric – see this.

But where are those electric cars going to get their power from in future? The Drax power plant, since 2013 in Northern Ireland and Selby, North Yorkshire, a Green Blob initiative, “Ash for Cash” scandal, burns wood pellets that are shipped across the Atlantic from Canada. This accounts for 80% of the Drax supply, with a massive carbon footprint in transporting wood pellets and burning them at no expense spared through government subsidy, adding 4 times as much CO2 and increased particulates into the air “equivalent to adding 3 million Diesel cars to the roads”, said Biofuelwatch. Many in the know who are also into biofuel electrical generation cottoned onto the fact that they received more through this subsidy than any electricity they generated. Labour or Tory, both are friends of the Green Blob insanity at your expense (here and here).

The British Army’s new Ajax fighting vehicle is built in Spain, using Swedish steel at the request of the EU Commission to support jobs in Spain, rather than Wales. A decision mostly made because the UK government has to follow EU Defence Procurement Directive 2009/81/EC, meaning contracts for defence have to be tendered across the EU internal market. And this was announced just before the Brexit vote in May 2016! Under WTO rules military equipment can be excluded from government procurement rules on national security grounds! (Reference)

With this in mind, 3 Royal Fleet Auxiliary support vessels are up for tender abroad too. The decision, whether a UK shipyard gets the contract or it goes abroad, is pending at the moment, subject to a government decision. The prospect looks bleak for UK shipyards the longer we remain in the EU. Why not freeze the tendering process and award the contract to a UK shipyard, after we leave the EU? Handy ePetition to sign! (Reference).

The list goes on:

M&S one of the last British clothing manufacturers left the UK for the far east in 2003

Also in 2003 Gillette fled Hemel Hempstead and London to Poland, with loss of 415 UK jobs.

Texas Instruments Greenock semiconductor plant announced in January 2016 that it was earmarked for closure in 2019, phasing production to Freising, Germany and Japan.

Peugeot moved their 206 Ryton car plant to Slovakia in 2006 possibly using state aid without EU approval.

The point is that businesses move about all the time, not because of Brexit, but because they move to where it’s favourable to make a profit. It’s up to the UK government to make businesses more favourable, less expensive, fewer taxes, fewer expensive regulations, make it easier for them to make a profit, instead like the EU, has embraced the subsidized Green Blob. For every job created through the Green Blob scam nearly 4 are lost (here).

In January 1993, whole sectors of  British industry were buried under an avalanche of expensive EU regulations to harmonize to EU standards from the Single Market. During 1992 in the run up to its introduction UK businesses were faced with a stark choice by over-zealous council inspectors who issued firm notices to either conform to EU directives and then go bankrupt or face criminal prosecution if they continued trading, closed shop for the last time. (Reference)

The biggest and most expensive piece of legislation ever put through a British Parliament is a mass exporter of UK jobs adding huge costs and regulation to businesses (Reference).

In 2006, Carbon Taxes (CCL) , were first implemented by Ed Milliband under the Labour government and any hopes that the Conservatives would repeal this Jobs destroyer has been dashed in 2010 as they endorsed it too with the Libdems. The UK government policy whether Lib Lab or CON for all UK industry is decline with a vengeance, despite Brexit, following the cult religion of Climate Change and alignment to the Single Market. Yet Remainers blame Brexit for companies fleeing the UK? But the industrial graveyards of the last 4 decades say otherwise!

The UK has to shake off this Green Blob and Single Market to be competitive, to keep jobs and industry in the UK, so why not start by scrapping the Climate Change Levy (CCL), Paris Agreement (2015) along with Single Market rules.

President Trump has shown the way, attracting businesses back to the USA making it more attractive for real jobs and growth of 4.1% (see here and here).



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Behind Closed Doors – the EU has abolished the little democratic oversight it had

Behind Closed Doors – the EU has abolished the little democratic oversight it had
Radomir Tylecote is the author of this article.
The article was first published in BrexitCentral. We republish with kind permission of the Editor-in-Chief and the author.

It is now well known that, if resurrected, the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement would keep the UK under EU rules and regulations, but without representation in the system that makes them, through a potentially immovable backstop.

What is less understood is that, even since the referendum in 2016, this EU system has moved on. As the recent European Foundation paper Behind Closed Doors shows, EU decision-making, never democratic by any standards, has in the last decade become even less accountable and transparent. A system that has always concentrated power in the hands of small “law-making groups” – the Commission and Council in particular – has become even less democratic, making the rationale behind its laws more opaque yet.

To grasp how the EU has functioned until recently though, it is worth briefly outlining what its structure was intended to be, through comparison with the UK Parliament.

In the UK, Parliament is the law-making body. In the Commons, all members are elected; the other house, though not directly elected, acts in an advisory capacity, and cannot veto laws. All proceedings are televised, every word transcribed. The Government is drawn from Parliament, with its ministers answerable to it, and they must appear before it frequently. This Government can be removed at set intervals, along with every other member of the Commons.

The EU, meanwhile, is a system of law-making groups, the most important being the Commission – a small, unelected gathering, where note-taking is banned and whose chamber none may enter without the Commissioners’ permission. Only the Commission may propose laws. These progress to the Council, which passes legislation through a qualified majority vote (QMV), following the abolition of the national veto. The Council is attended by Coreper (the Committee of Permanent Representatives, i.e. Member States’ ambassadors), which tries to reach agreement on Commission proposals before they get to the Council. How Coreper reaches agreement is also hidden, but 70-90% of decisions are now made this way, then adopted by the Council without further discussion. The European Parliament meanwhile cannot propose law, often is not consulted, and typically can be ignored.

While the Commission has always been an obstacle to transparent decision-making, after it initiates proposals the Parliament and Council are supposed to be able to amend and occasionally block them. Our research suggests that, as the Commission takes greater control of the EU system, even this little capacity is being seriously undermined.

At the heart of this is the growing use of “Trilogues”, small and little-known negotiating groups that operate on behalf of the Commission and Coreper. Designed to be subject to even less oversight, they are “a legislative body in [their] own right” and “possibly the most powerful, [governing] the overwhelming majority of legislative procedures”.

These Trilogues include a small number of Commission representatives, MEPs, and civil servants. They aim to secure legislative agreement before any transparent process occurs, giving the Commission even greater control while preventing the public knowing why laws are being made. Once Trilogues agree a text, neither the Parliament nor Council are able to change it, so with national scrutiny rendered “difficult, if not impossible”, Member States’ ministers now have little involvement.

Moreover, in both the European Parliament and the Council, the UK is now the country most often on the losing side, with Germany and an entrenched bloc of its Eurozone voting allies the most frequent winner. Even before it loses all representation in the EU institutions, the UK is already consistently outvoted on issues of profound national interest, like financial regulation, and has been unable to achieve any meaningful reform to this system.

These developments are disturbing indeed, as the continent that gave the world democracy and equality before the law is increasingly governed away from public view. Remaining under this system’s rules – either without representation, as the Withdrawal Agreement proposes, or via a second referendum – would severely undermine our democracy.

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