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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Friday 26th April 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Friday 26th April 2019

SNAFU – a military expression dating back to WWII – describes best what Brexit looks like this morning. While the HoC was empty, ‘things’ did happen there yesterday. We learned more about Ms May’s desperate attempts to get her WA over the line. But if the Electoral Commission sees fit to admonish the PM then you know things have become … fouled up.

First of all, Sir Bill Cash made this intervention:

“While speaking in the House of Commons Mr Cash said: “On April 11 a statutory instrument extending the period of time for us to leave the European Union was tabled to October 31. It was rushed through this House of Commons in the afternoon following that council meeting which was attended by the Prime Minister. 80 members of Parliament have signed my prayer for the annulment of that order and statutory instrument which we regard as ultra vires and void. Will my right honourable friend ensure that very soon there is a debate on that statutory instrument and naturally on the issue at stake. We believe it should be on the floor of the House.” (link)

‘Prayer’ in parliamentary terms has a special meaning: “A prayer motion can be used by members of either House to object to a statutory instrument (SI)” (link)

Such motion must be tabled by the Leader of the HoC, Andrea Leadsom, and Peter Bone MP made a suitable intervention when she seemed to be unwilling to do so (link):

“Would the Leader of the House make that point clear and would she also confirm in relation to the right-honourable member for Stone not only will we debate on it, we will vote on it?”

The key words are ‘vote on it’. The right honourable member for Stone is Sir Bill Cash. This is the reply by Ms Leadsom:

“My honourable friend is very well aware that it’s the Government’s policy to leave the European Union in an orderly way. That means leaving with a deal. He will also be aware that the decision of this House not to support that deal and, indeed, to require an extension to Article 50 is the reason why such an extension has been agreed.” The furious Brexiteer shook his head as Ms Leadsom continued: “I have made clear to my honourable friend, the member for Stone, that we will be able grant a debate on the statutory instrument that he has prayed against.” (link)

In other words: ‘you can talk all you like, there won’t be a vote’ …  which is actually not so astonishing because Ms May ‘has plans’, or rather, some of her ministers have made plans for her:

“Ministers today piled pressure on Theresa May to bring back her Brexit deal within days as it was claimed she could tear out the Irish backstop to swing the vote. The Prime Minister could decide to remove the controversial border clause in the hope MPs vote for it and send a new message to Brussels that it must be axed or changed if Britain is to leave the EU.” (link)

It’s beyond belief that ministers, just like those MPs who got their amendment about an extension to Article 50 through the HoC before Easter, simply don’t seem to grasp the fact that the EU has told them repeatedly that the WA is non-negotiable. Their proposal is hogwash, but we can discern why they are doing it:

“Downing Street had hoped to bring forward the Withdrawal Agreement Bill next week in the hope of getting a version of Mrs May’s deal through Parliament in time to cancel the European Parliament elections on May 23.” (link)

This, and this alone, is what the latest Brexit drama is about: to cancel the EP elections because the ‘strategists’ both in 10 Downing Street and Tory HQ can see full well that they will be hugely damaging to the establishment parties.

So their new plan is nothing new – it is the ‘Brady amendment’ which was one of those multiple amendments voted on in the weeks before the Easter Break:

“The Prime Minister has been asked to throw her support behind the changes, which could see the backstop limited by 12 months or banished completely. […] Sir Brady said: “My amendment on January 29 demonstrates that a majority can be found for the Withdrawal Agreement, as long as the backstop cannot be a permanent state.(link)

While Sir Bill Cash’s important ‘prayer’ won’t be voted on, this desperate attempt by May and her Remain cronies will be served up for a fourth time:

“But it [Ed: Sir Bill Cash’s ‘prayer’] was missing from yesterday’s list of legislation to be considered by Parliament next week. And Tory whips have privately told ministers the idea has been put on hold for at least a week while the PM tries to secure enough backing for it to pass.” (link).

Now look at the reasoning behind this latest May attempt to shove her WA down the HoC’s and all our throats:

“Government insiders say the Prime Minister (has) given up hope of cancelling UK participation in the European Parliament poll by securing Commons approval for her withdrawal deal within the next three weeks. Instead, she is preparing for a determined push to force crucial withdrawal legislation through Parliament in time for the country to quit the EU by the end of June.” (link)

While that looks innocent enough at first glance, the actual aim is not:

“Her new timetable will mean British voters are set to elect a new troop of MEPs next month […]  who will have lost their jobs by the time the new European Parliament assembles on July 2. One source said: “The focus now is on hitting the June 30 deadline so the MEPs don’t take up their seats.” (link)

Savour this: run the unwanted election, waste huge amounts of money on it, give the stupid voters another chance to express their outrage – and then scupper it. The Times comments:

“Mrs May has said that she does not want the election on May 23 to take place at all, suggesting that she could cancel it up to the day before if MPs approve her withdrawal bill. Any MEPs elected will not take up their seats should Britain leave the EU before the new parliament sits in July.” (paywalled link)

It’s about the EP elections, stupid – and about how to thwart the Leave votes again. In an unprecedented intervention, the chairman of the Electoral Commission has written an article in The Times where, first describing the preparations undertaken by the Electoral Commission to run the EP elections smoothly, he issues this warning:

“This is an unprecedented level of uncertainty in a mature democracy. […] Even if the elections go ahead as planned, no one can tell whether those elected will take their seats or, if so, for how long. There are bound to be questions about the impact on voters, now and in future, when a significant electoral process is in such doubt, especially when its value is being openly questioned by the government.” (paywalled link)

Let this criticism – by an establishment figure! – sink in … Democracy and the democratic process obviously doesn’t matter to Ms May, her Tory cronies and her handlers in Whitehell and in Brussels.

Democracy matters to us though. That’s why we voted Leave – and that’s why she, Brussels and the Remainers are so desperate to wreck Brexit by all means, especially foul ones.

The destruction of democracy before our eyes matters to us even more. That’s why TBP has gained such momentum. It can no longer be about party politics, about standing with one’s political tribe.

It has to be about coming together in an alliance, to save our democracy and our democratic institutions which Ms May and her tribe are trampling into the dust.





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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Thursday 25th April 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Thursday 25th April 2019

This is hard to believe, but I feel vindicated by the BBC! As Ms May had recalled Parliament early, cutting short their Easter Recess because of Brexit, my hopes were high for some revealing ‘sources’ telling the MSM what is going on en coulisse. That, after all is how they try to shape public opinion.

After the first spate of ‘revelations’ on Tuesday, the returning MPs went silent. Were there orders from ‘the top’? PMQ yesterday was anodyne – here’s a “PMQ Sketch”-  and put the watchers to sleep.

So – look at this extraordinary complaint by a BBC journalist:

“BBC Radio 5 Live host Emma Barnett delivered a huge on-air rant about the “weird eerie silence” that has descended on Westminster with MPs not speaking about Brexit. The radio host said she had “zero” information to update her listeners and she claimed, “no one can find anything to say anymore”. She said: “The Prime Minister is still Theresa May and we still don’t know how we are leaving the European Union and even when.” (link)

She went on to say:

“Weirdly even though MPs are back after they Easter recess…there is a sort of weird eerie silence that has descended upon the place. I have zero to update you on about Brexit. […] What on earth is going on. It’s like there is this huge elephant in Westminster, and no one can find anything to say anymore. […] Given how much chaos and misery and division it’s caused do our politicians need to let us know what is going on with Brexit to keep up the pressure we have seen over the past three months.” (link)

That rant really is astonishing on so many levels. If our publicity-hungry MPs can’t even talk to the BBC, to dazzle us with their, ahem, erudition, then we ought to ask what is really going on here!

However, the BBC and the mostly Remain MSM have only got themselves to blame for the ‘chaos and misery and division’ which they created out of thin air – with the help of the Remainers in Whitehell who served up ‘Project Fear’ scenario after ‘Project Fear’ scenario, regurgitated by ministers who should have known better, and gleefully spread by the BBC and the MSM who simply were deaf to evidence to the contrary, even that coming from civil servants involved at the ground level.

While there are indeed no juicy ‘news’, here’s one item which the BBC of course hasn’t touched – too complicated, perhaps, or not supporting their Remain agenda? We read:

“According to a new think tank report published by the Independent Economic Forum (IEA), remaining in a customs union with the EU would leave the UK unable to establish an independent trade policy, and render “reclaiming policy areas such as agriculture and state aid an impossibility”. The new fiscal report predicts that while a permanent customs union would secure supply chains in the short term, the long-term sustainability of the agreement would see the loss of trade opportunities with other countries – and mean higher prices for UK consumers.” (link)

Some more details:

“The reports states how the UK would be unable to raise or lower tariffs according to its interests, which would rule out the opportunity of an independent UK trade policy.The customs union would also prevent the UK from controlling its agriculture and state aid policies. Trade defences would also be run by the EU, while the UK would not be able to offer improved market access for goods. The UK’s persuasiveness in trade negotiations would be materially diminished. Many of the points in the new IEA report suggested the “downsides will be acutely felt by small and medium enterprises that are less dependent on UK-EU supply chains and don’t have lobbying power in Brussels”. (link)

That begs the question why Corbyn and Labour, who allegedly ‘stand up for the little people and hard-working families’, are so bent on doing them such economic damage. Doesn’t this reveal Mr Corbyn’s and his handlers’ dreams of sitting in 10 Downing Street as nothing but a personal vanity project?

Since Brussels also is en vacances, there’s only one EU item on the screen of the combined political pundits of all colours: the EP elections. And of course there is now only one theme: Nigel Farage and TBP. We read for example that:

“Michel Barnier fears that Nigel Farage and his Brexit party plan to destroy the EU after winning the European Parliament elections. […] Mr Barnier has declared that the EU will not only have to face the threat of Mr Farage himself but also a Nigel Farage in every country. “This election will be tougher than ever before. We will have to fight against those who want to demolish Europe. With their fear. Their populist deceit. And their attacks against the European Project,” he said in December. (paywalled link)

What did M Barnier know in December last year that we didn’t know and that even Nigel Farage didn’t know? If my memory doesn’t deceive me, there was no Brexit Party at that time … and I double-checked the date of that linked report: it was indeed published yesterday afternoon.

In the absence of EU ‘news’ it is astonishing that the local elections, taking place next Thursday, aren’t mentioned anywhere in the MSM.

Of course, for our Westminster Bubble dwellers, these local elections are irrelevant: they’re only for us little people and not as interesting as the “Big EU – Brexit Game”. After all, neither CHUK-TIG – they had to throw out another MEP candidate for racism, btw (here) – nor TBP have candidates in those elections …

Interestingly, a former Tory spin doctor has made this extraordinary confession in today’s (paywalled) DT:

“At the 2015 election, I helped to run the Conservative campaign that stopped Nigel Farage getting into Parliament. Four years on, I wonder if we made a terrible mistake.”

Well! Since that spin doctor addresses some important issues I shall return to it elsewhere later, at length.

There’s one news item which at first glance seems to be unrelated to Brexit. However, it comes from the Treasury, that nest of arch remainers, and was presented by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that arch remainer Philip Hammond:

“Families face having to pay higher taxes to cover the cost of caring for Britain’s ageing population, Philip Hammond warned yesterday. The Chancellor said the tax burden would continue to rise in the coming years, having already hit the highest sustained level for half a century. He said taxes were rising across the 36 leading nations of the OECD as people lived longer into old age. He added: ‘The reason is fairly straightforward. We have to recognise that as the population ages, the pressure on public services and spending will increase.’ (link)

It would of course be a malicious insinuation to say that the Treasury and Mr Hammond are preparing us for the inevitable tax rises which ‘Remain’ through Ms May’s WA will lead to … That Danegeld due to the EU must come from somewhere … and why not surreptitiously blame the old, they voted Leave, didn’t they …

As we’re hurtling towards election days – local ones next Thursday, EP ones in exactly four week’s time – we’re still waiting for Brexit. Any ‘Brexit bombs’ will be delivered by two parties: the Tories and TBP. But while we wait we must not let the HoC and Ms May get away with their Brexit sell-out.




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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL -Wednesday 24th April 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL -Wednesday 24th April 2019


Aaaand – they’re back! Aaaand – the ‘sources’ have started flowing again. Aaaand – they are all spouting the same guff as before. But: the political game is changing before our eyes, thanks to Nigel Farage and TPB. More on that below.

Yesterday’s main question was: will the 1922 Committee do something or will May stay? The answer is: it’s business as usual. We read this morning that both Remain and Brexit Tories are accusing each other of having a death wish (here):

“One of the leading rebels is Nigel Evans [Leaver], a member of the 1922 committee executive who claims there is a “clamour” for Mrs May to quit. However another 1922 committee executive member, Antoinette Sandbach [Remainer], is calling for Mr Evans to stand down over the plot.”

Edifying, isn’t it! The other possibility to oust Ms May is the EGM called for by Tory branch chairmen (see here) but this will only be possible after the EP elections after the horse has bolted.

The Cabinet met yesterday and it’s It’s instructive to note how different papers report on this same issue. Here’s the DT (paywalled link):

“Theresa May has been told by Cabinet ministers that she should end talks with Labour “immediately” and focus on overhauling her Brexit deal and winning round the DUP. […]The Prime Minister defended the continuing talks with Labour, saying that while many in Cabinet disagreed with the ongoing discussions “we have to govern in the national interest” and “this course of action is what the country expects of us”.

No, it’s not, Ms May! Here’s another ‘source’, focussing on Ms May apparently trying to put Labour under pressure:

“In a sign that the discussions have hit an impasse, the Prime Minister told her Cabinet that the timetable for the UK’s departure from the EU had become a key sticking point between the two sides. She is also understood to be concerned Labour will wreck crucial Brexit legislation in the Commons to block her EU withdrawal deal for a fourth time.” (link)

Then there’s this report, based on yet another ‘source’:

“ […] it emerged that the Prime Minister may try to bring her deal back again in the next ten days despite three defeats already. The Prime Minister is holding cross-party talks with Labour in an attempt to find a Brexit compromise which will win the support of a majority of MPs. But they appear to be faltering, and if they fail the Prime Minister could try and bring her Brexit deal back. Mrs May’s official spokesman also suggested Labour is dragging its feet over the Brexit talks and said: ‘Progress needs to be made urgently’. (source)

Finally, here’s how RemainCentral, The Times, has spun this Cabinet meeting, using another ‘source’:

“Theresa May is preparing to challenge Labour to support the legislation needed to achieve Brexit if cross-party compromise talks break down. In a high-risk strategy, the prime minister is considering introducing the bill that would give effect to Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union within weeks.The move would effectively decouple the withdrawal agreement, which Labour largely supports, from the plan for a future relationship, to which it is demanding changes. It would also bypass the so-called meaningful vote on the complete package that has been rejected three times by MPs.” (link, paywalled)

This next quote is very interesting:

“Downing Street hopes that the new approach will put pressure on Brexiteer Labour MPs to support the legislation needed to ensure Brexit happens before European elections in a month’s time. Mrs May is also understood to have suggested that the passage of the Withdrawal and Implementation Bill through parliament could be a “forum” to allow MPs to compromise. (link, paywalled)

At three minutes past midnight, i.e. after the May Extensions, she and her remainers now say that ‘progress ‘needs to be made urgently’? Goodness me, hasn’t May, hasn’t her Cabinet had enough time to ‘make progress’? Like – nearly three years? Really?

At three minutes past midnight, Ms May threatens to bring her WA back for a fourth time? Is she hoping for a No Confidence Vote after yet another defeat?

At three minutes past midnight Ms May, using a sickening historical twist, is now talking about ‘National Unity’, comparing Brexit in the Nation’s mind to WWII? Note that she seems to think that her desperate attempts to get her abomination through the HoC can be achieved by letting them talk about compromise!

We, unlike the pratfall of clowns, cabinet included, know that Brussels will not change the WA. It’s done, cooked, stick a fork in.

We also know that the EU Parliament is legally obliged to assent to this May WA. But: it’s gone – finished, done, reconvening on July 1st, after the EP elections.

The Tories fear these elections. They know that the only way to avoid them is to get ‘something’ on the table. The redoubtable Sir John Redwood wrote in his Diary:

“I do not favour the attempt to broker a deal for the PM to step aside in return for getting through a bad Agreement. I am urging the PM to lead us out on May 22nd, by cancelling the European elections. Under the Extension Agreement with the EU we would then automatically leave on May 22nd.”

Indeed. He knows that this is the only way out for the Tory Party because he and all the rest know that The Brexit Party is gathering momentum. The Tories don’t need to read the MSM who won’t report on TBP anyway, they have ‘helpers’ to scour the internet where they will have  found this, for example (names in the linked article):

“After the announcement of seven candidates last week, today Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has added five new candidates to their list. It’s an impressive lineup and a big change from the kippers of old. Just 58 to go…”

And how about this:

“Tory grandee Ann Widdecombe has defected to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. The former minister has been a member of the Conservative party for 55 years, but has been put her retirement on hold to ‘campaign vigorously’ for Farage’s party in the upcoming European elections in May.” (link)

Ms Widdecombe will stand in the SW, against Labour’s Lord Adonis … that will be an epic fight!

No wonder that Labour is screaming blue murder, with a Labour MEP writing in RemainCentral (The Times) where he uses the same old and tired arguments attacking Nigel Farage (‘snake-oil salesman’):

But behind the fancy marketing and the fawning media platform, it’s the same nasty stuff that won’t solve a single ailment and instead will only make you sicker.” (paywalled link)

He and presumably Labour also haven’t grasped the tidal change in our country’s politics. They’re still fighting the 2014 EP elections ‘war’ …

He, Labour and their helpers in the MSM don’t get it that actual, real Labour voters outside the M25 regard Corbyn’s ‘negotiations’ with Ms May with as much disgust as do Tory voters.

They don’t get it that we out here have had enough, collectively, of the smoke-and-mirror performances by those inside the Westminster bubble.

They don’t get it that we’ve had enough of the political games they play just for themselves. We’ve had enough of the MSM’s support for that despicable status quo. And we will vote accordingly.

Be sure that the backroom ‘strategists’ of those parties know this full well. Be sure that the Labour strategists know full well that we won’t buy their 2nd referendum. Be sure that the Tory backroom boys know full well that we won’t buy Ms May’s WA. That’s why they’re so desperate to avoid having to run the EP elections next month.

What they don’t realise is that by somehow abolishing the EP elections they will have kicked off a political storm the likes we’ve not seen in this country for centuries.

It’s ‘Nigel ante portas’ – Nigel at the gates. Defeat for That Lot looms in the EP elections – and if May and her crew, with the help of Corbyn, is successful in scuppering the EP by selling Brexit out – then all I’ll say is ‘they ain’t seen nuthin yet’.




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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Tuesday 23rd April 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Westminster was still mostly empty on yesterday’s Bank Holiday Monday. Everybody, even the D-list politicians, were unavailable. No ‘source’ leaked nothing, and as the EU Parliament closed its doors on the 18th of April, preparing for elections next month, the ‘diplomats’ and ‘administrators’ who kept leaking their gossip to our Brussels correspondents were also enjoying their well-deserved ‘family holiday’ back home. Don’t forget though: Juncker is gone for good …

It was inevitable though that RemainCentral, i.e. The Times (paywalled link) picked up an unprecedented attack by that Remain backbench MP Nicky Morgan on Sir Bill Cash. He wrote a succinct article last week in the DT where he did not mince words about the failure of the May government securing Brexit. Ms Morgan however attacked him for daring to speak his mind:

“A veteran Tory Brexiteer has been accused of fuelling the hate mail and death threats directed at MPs after accusing Theresa May of appeasement. Sir Bill Cash used a newspaper column to lash out at the prime minister, claiming that she had made the country “crawl on our hands and knees” to France and Germany to secure a Brexit extension. He said that the extension agreement with the EU was a betrayal of the referendum result, asking: “Since when has a forced and humiliating surrender ever been an ‘agreement’?” (paywalled link)

Nothing wrong with writing that, surely? Not for Ms Morgan though:

“Nicky Morgan, the Conservative chairwoman of the Treasury select committee, warned that his comments risked further stoking public anger. “This kind of language is not helpful. It’s not the kind of language that our councillors or frankly any normal people would use,” she told the Today programme on BBC Radio 4. Asked whether she saw any connection between such phrases and the threats received by some MPs, Mrs Morgan replied: “Yes, I do.” Such comments, she said, were “stoking up other people who are often sitting at home and watching this stuff, and it gets them really, really angry and fired up, and then they will say things that they would never say face to face”. (paywalled link)

Are we in North Korea? Have we travelled back in time to Stalin’s Soviet Union where ‘the great leader’ must not be criticised? And note well how Ms Morgan (i’m sure she’s not the only one!) regards us ‘people out there’: too stupid to make up ur own minds, needing someone to tell us what to think – which is good if we listen to the likes of herself, but bad if it’s proper criticism of her idol May and by extension herself. It seems that being an MP does rot some people’s minds ..

Given that our MSM would rather talk about “Game of Thrones” than Brexit, I’ve been looking at articles published at the Easter weekend which I’ve saved up. Here’s one: in one final deed the EU MEPs did get in one last vote before it was all over, and that vote was rather important. Facts4EU reported:

“Yesterday [Ed:18th April] the EU Parliament moved another step closer to the goal of a common EU defence policy and EU Defence Union. 328 MEPs voted in favour, with 231 against and 19 abstaining. They approved the next part of the EU Defence Fund (EDF), totalling €13 billion (£11.2 billion pounds). This means that the EDF can now go to the EU Council for final discussion and approval.”

If we’re still in, we’ll pay – and if you d like a little piece to fit into the puzzle of why our Whitehell serpents do their best to keep us in, here is one which only makes sense if those serpents are certain that Brexit will ‘not be done’, one way or another:

“The UK army’s fleet of tanks is to be stripped by a third, and is planning to revamp 148 of its 277 Challenger 2 tanks, which were in use between 1998 and 2002, because of cost restraints. Analysis from the Ministry of Defence says the British army would plummet to number 56 in the global league table of number of tanks available. It would mean the UK’s mothballing of tanks would make it smaller than Burma, Serbia and Cambodia.” (link)

While this may please the usual lefty “pacifists” who’d rather waste our money on illegal immigrants and green crap, this reduction of our defence capabilities only makes sense in the context of the EDF – something Ms May has signed up to, Brexit or not. Now look at this league table:

“The league table is compiled from data collected by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. At present, the UK’s fleet of 227 tanks sit at a ranking of 48th below nations such as Ethiopia, which has 461, Romania with 418 tanks in its fleet and Spain, which counts 327. Russia tops the tables with 12,950 tanks, followed by the US with 6,333.” (link)

Obviously, we don’t need no tanks because, with EDF, we can use the tanks from Spain (hello, Gibraltar …!) and Romania as well as those of Germany (do they still have any?), France or the Netherlands!

Do any of our dedicated Remain civil serpents actually believe that, should it come to that showdown with Russia the EU seems to be so keen on, this EDF, commanded from Brussels, will actually ‘protect and defend’ us ‘orrible Brits? 

Closer to home, the Tories are locked in self-destruct mode, desperately trying to get rid of Ms May. The Party leadership must now decide to call an EGM. That is  of course the fault of all those bad “UKIP entryists”, therefore Ms Amber Rudd and others have now written an Open Letter to business owners:

“Amber Rudd and other leading Tory moderates have issued an open letter to business owners urging them to join the Conservative Party so they can vote to prevent a hard Brexiteer from becoming the next prime minister. In a move designed to combat the influence of the hardline leavers of the European Research Group (ERG), the new One Nation group of Conservatives urged those who want a closer relationship with the EU to sign up and fight. It comes after the ranks of Tory members were swelled by an influx of tens of thousands, many of them former Ukip supporters and leave campaigners.” (paywalled link)

Do they see their beloved Remain in jeopardy, or even their cabinet posts? BoJo, Ms Rudd’s pet hate, is topping the list of possible May replacements (see ConHome). She is of course on record saying that she’d rather leave the Party than stay under BoJo …

As some Tory MPs have rushed back to London yesterday evening, we have again ‘sources’ talking to ‘correspondents’. In a bid to shape the debate, they hinted that they would tell Ms May to give a proper date by which she’ll leave, namely the end of June. Do they really think the Tory grassroots will swallow this and go back campaigning (see here)?

But who knows – the ‘men in grey suits’, a.k.a. the 1922 Committee of backbenchers may finally find their collective round dangly objects and do the evil deed … They are meeting this evening, and rumour has it that some are thinking about installing a ‘caretaker PM’ to get us Out now so that there won’t be an EP election.

Anyone with half-a-brain will of course add two and two together and come up with the reason for the sudden urgency: no EP elections, therefore: no Brexit Party upsurge, therefore: the Farage Fox slain. Or so they think. We’ll know tomorrow if there was a ‘Night of the Long Knives’. I’m not holding my breath …




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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Easter Monday, 22nd April 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Easter Monday, 22nd April 2019

Democratic desert?

~~~   ***   ~~~


The peace of Easter Sunday yesterday, the holiest of days for Christians across the world, was rudely and bloodily shattered in Sri Lanka by the atrocious attacks on churches and hotels. More on that below.

Here at home, there weren’t any ‘Brexit News’: all those ‘sources’, those ‘EU diplomats’ and ‘EU administrators’, those ‘cabinet sources’, always leaking so busily, have gone home to their families as well as our MPs.

One news item in this ‘news desert’ however has been picked up by our MSM: British Human Aid NGOs haven’t received monetary support from Brussels – see the report in The Times (paywalled, here) and in the DM (here):

“[Penny Mordaunt] revealed British aid firms have had to wind up life-saving schemes in Somalia and Yemen because the intransigent EU has refused to fund them. Others have been told to transfer projects which they have been running for years to European bodies. In a letter to the EU commissioner for humanitarian aid, Christos Stylianides, Miss Mordaunt reminded Brussels the UK is now set to remain a member of the EU until the end of October.”

One wonders if other UK organisations working in concert with the EU have also had their EU money denied. Of course, they might say that it’s just an admin error – after all, we were supposed to have been Out already, weren’t we …

Then there are the rumblings inside the Tory Party. Allegedly, Ms May’s “departure” might be “weeks away” (a bit late, one would’ve thought …):

“A vote on Theresa May’s future among the party’s grassroots supporters which could hasten her departure from office is just weeks away after enough local party chairmen signed a petition supporting it. The National Conservative Convention, which represents Tory volunteers, now has a duty under the party’s constitution to call an “extraordinary general meeting” to allow a no confidence vote in Mrs May to be held. Any vote would be unprecedented and would put pressure on Conservative MPs to change the leadership rules and allow them to hold an early vote on Mrs May’s future which could see her being forcibly removed from office. […] MPs on the executive of the 1922 committee of backbench Tory MPs are meeting on Tuesday to discuss an early vote, rather than waiting until December as they have to under current rules.” (paywalled link)

There are ‘rebels’ on the Tory Remain side as well though. Tory Party donors are now going to donate to MPs rather than to Tory Central Office:

“[Party donors] have called for MPs to back Mrs May as the only leader who can deliver Brexit. […] The warnings come as […] there were claims last week that the party’s top official is having to reach into his own pocket to cover some of the costs of the European elections. Sir Mick Davis, the chief executive and treasurer of the party, has told cabinet ministers that the Brexit impasse and infighting is putting off supporters.” (link, paywalled)

Oh really? Interesting that the Tory Grandees only take notice when it’s a question of money! Moving on:

“Many Conservative MPs believe a crunch moment for Mrs May could come next week if the party performs badly in local elections. […] Local election experts yesterday warned that the Tories were on course to lose 500 council seats on May 2. But the cost could be as high as 1,000 seats if polls showing a collapse in support prove accurate, they said in an article for The Sunday Times.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – those local elections … finally entering the field of vision of the MSM! This scandal however – and it is one, indicating how democracy is being killed off at the grassroots level – has only been mentioned in passing:

“New research by the Electoral Reform Society ahead of next month’s vote shows 300 council seats in England have been guaranteed for one party or individual before a single ballot has been cast, weeks before the May 2nd polling day. […] Nearly 150 councillors will win their seats without a single vote being cast, because candidates are running totally uncontested. They’ve already ‘won’. Around 270,000 potential voters in these ‘democracy deserts’ will be denied their democratic right of expressing a preference about who will represent them locally.” (source)

Given the Remain HoC, it seems we’re living an a ‘democratic desert’ anyway. The MSM however are only really interested in the EU elections because: Brexit Party! Nigel Farage! How exciting!

Labour’s Tom Watson, who fancies himself as a contender in a possible Labour leadership fight, has now come out on the side of those who demand a 2nd Referendum – like that Mr T.Blair …:

“Mr Watson said: ‘Labour won’t defeat Farage by being mealy-mouthed and sounding as if we half agree with him. We won’t beat him unless we can inspire the millions crying out for a different direction. We won’t win if we sit on the fence about the most crucial issue that has faced our country for a generation. Now that we know a bit more about what Brexit means, the very least that Leavers and Remainers deserve is a final say – a confirmatory referendum – on any deal.’ (link)

Note how, for Labour, Brexit is now only and exclusively about defeating not just the Tories but also Nigel Farage. It’s about their beloved political games – the EU’s intransigence, the fate of our Nation and our democracy: irrelevant!

Now allow me that brief excursion from Brexit: the atrocity which took place yesterday in Sri Lanka. You’ve seen the headlines, the photos, the number of dead and wounded.

There are two things, in addition to this crime ,which made my blood boil. One is the mealy-mouthedness in our MSM, where reporters and opinion writers simply could and cannot bring themselves to put the blame where it belongs: on islamic terrorists.

They more or less openly tried to insinuate that this could have been a return of the civil war – Tamil Tigers – or perhaps, given that Sri Lanka is mainly Buddhist, some fanatical buddhist group …That there was a warning received by the police, that the atrocities were committed by suicide bombers: that is shamefacedly hidden in subordinate clauses.

The other item is a report in The Times, and I quote:

“A sense of “post-colonial guilt” and a belief that Christianity is the religion of the rich and powerful have held Britain back from supporting persecuted Christians around the globe, according to the bishop leading a government review into their plight. […] Speaking before the attacks in Sri Lanka, Bishop Mounstephen told The Times that Britain had “something of a blind spot to the persecution of Christians”. The Foreign Office has conceded: “The UK’s foreign policy response has not always reflected the suffering of persecuted Christians.” (link, paywalled)

But wait – haven’t we been told for decades that everything is our fault because of our ‘colonialism’? And now the persecution of Christians across the globe is also our fault because we’ve accepted that burden of guilt? Oh my … words fail me!

Do enjoy this Bank Holiday and relax – it’s the last breathing space before the coming turmoil of the next weeks which will demand all our strength.




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Sainte Chapelle, Paris


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The Octagon, Ely Cathedral






Canterbury Cathedral

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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Easter Saturday, 20th April 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Easter Saturday, 20th April 2019

Brussels and Westminster are empty. The ‘main players’ have gone on their Easter Holidays. Not even the D-list Tory politicians have opened their mouths so far.

However, a Labour Lord (yes, there are such animals) and ‘staunch Corbyn supporter’ has opened his mouth. This is his take-home message:

“It’s really quite straight forward. To leave, when we voted to leave, we voted to leave the sovereignty of the European Court of Justice. So ultimately, in our politics, we can’t do anything because the European court says that we can’t. […] It’s effectively illegal to oppose capitalism. So I support leaving the EU sovereignty of the ECJ, leaving the customs union, and leaving the single market. I think that’s what Leave means, so that’s what I’m in favour of.” (link)

That begs the question: what is the actual game Corbyn and his strategists are really playing? Is their clamour to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union yet another trick to keep their Remain Labourites in line while their real aim is to get into 10 Downing Street first and then ‘crash out’ of the EU, so they can implement their socialist policies? I suggest we better not forget what Lord Glasman said …!

In a change of focus the MSM are now finally paying attention to the forthcoming local elections – they take place on the 2nd of May, in less than two weeks time. They have now taken notice of the strange animal that is ‘the voter’ – that is, us peasants who don’t need to be listened to unless one’s an ecoloon, taking part in that circus in London bringing ordinary workers who need to get from A to B to despair.

Generally, local elections don’t receive much attention, but this year they have turned into a vote on Brexit and on Ms May’s Brexit Betrayal. Petitions have been useless, rallies have been useless, so the only ‘weapon’ we voters have is the ballot box.

There have been low rumblings about the discontent and anger amongst Tory grassroots, documented on sites such as ConHome, but the spectacle of the Parliamentary debates, the various votes, the grovellign trips of Ms May, the diktats of Brussels were far more important, as far as the Remain MSM were concerned.

Now however, with MPs in their constituencies facing the grassroots, the MSM have rediscovered that old toy: opinion polls. We do remember though, don’t we, that such polls are nothing but another instrument of politicking: unreliable and only good as long as they say what vested interests wants to hear.

This weekend, everybody is staring at a ComRes poll (here, and paywalled here) which shows voter intentions in a possible GE. According to that poll, Corbyn would win and the Tories would face a major meltdown:

“New analysis from ComRes shows voters could shift their allegiances to Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP in the backlash. Tory MPs told the Telegraph the future of their party is “diabolical” and that voters had described the Westminster elite as “w*****s’. [Ed: oooh! Language !]. If a vote was held tomorrow, the poll suggests Labour would win 290 seats versus the Conservative’s 277. Jeremy Corbyn would have to reach out to the SNP to prop up a minority Government.” (link)

That, for those of us with long memories, was the precise scenario used by Cameron in the 2015 general elections. Then we were told, at the last minute, to vote Tory or the socialists (Labour and Sturgeon) would get in. 

Only the names have changed … but this time, there’s a new kid on the block – and the issue, Brexit, has become vital. Matthew Goodwin, a political analyst, had this to say:

“The Conservatives are way down on 15 percent. We might actually see them tumble even lower. I think it tells us that Nigel Farage still has significant pulling power in British politics. This is a brand new party that even now is attracting more than one in four voters. I drilled down into the numbers yesterday and more than half of British leavers are now planning to vote for the Brexit Party. The Conservatives have completely lost the Leave electorate and that’s problematic for them given that the Conservatives now are very dependent on leave voters.” (link)

Keep in mind though that right now, the only game in town are the Local Elections, not a future GE. So this scare-mongering won’t work. However, Ms May’s obstinate obsession to force her WA through Parliament does indeed influence the local elections this time round:

“Tory peer Lord Hayward has warned that the local elections could hit the Tories with a ‘Brexit penalty’ over how the party has dealt with its departure from the EU. Sir John Curtice, Professor of Politics at Strathclyde University, said in The Telegraph: “Failing to deliver Brexit is now doing serious damage to the Conservatives’ electoral prospects.” (link)

Yes, well, what did May, what did the Tory grandees expect? Did she, did they think that Leave voters are only a better behaved crowd of protesters than those ecoloons who’ve brought London to a standstill and that we Leave voters would go home and vote for them, as always? After all, we did have some rallies, didn’t we, and now they, the ‘adults’, can pat our heads and go back to business as usual …

But the show must go on, and now truly desperate – desperate because the polls show that yes, they will lose –  Tory MPs are working hard on another attempt at getting rid of May:

“Theresa May could face a new confidence vote in the wake of the European elections under plans that will be considered by senior Tory MPs this week, The Telegraph can disclose. On Tuesday the 1922 committee of backbench Tory MPs will meet to discuss whether the rules should be changed to allow a new bid to remove the Prime Minister.” (paywalled link)

They ‘will consider’? A bit late, that, one would have thought! And they’re missing the point that it’s not just about Ms May but her Remain cabinet and the Remain Tory MPs who let things slide. More:

“Under one plan being considered by MPs, a second confidence vote will be allowed to take place six months after the first. It means the vote could be held shortly after the European elections take place on May 23.” (paywalled link)

Stable door – horse – bolted is what comes to mind! Does this Tory lot really believe that the prospect of a possible change “after the event” will make us Leave voters forget and forgive, make us go back and vote for them now? 

No. We know how this works. We see how it’s always about keeping their snouts in the trough of Parliament, never about issues, not even about issues that matter for the Nation. We have learned the bitter lesson that loyalty, for them, is always a one-way-street: we must be loyal to them – they don’t need to be loyal to us.

They better learn that our memories are long. They better realise that a week, nay even a day, is a very long time in politics. And they better realise that the political card game has now changed.




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