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Dominic Grieve: PM’s rhetoric led directly to death threats

Tory MP accuses Boris Johnson of demagoguery adding it was not unexpected ‘given his track record’

Dominic Grieve has accused Boris Johnson of “behaving like a demagogue” and said the UK prime minister’s rhetoric has led directly to him receiving death threats.

Grieve, a former attorney general, insisted he wanted to stay in the Conservative party to “save” it from the likes of Johnson, who he claimed was “hijacking” it.

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How far will they go? The Tory tribes opposing Brexit

There is still no united front on how to stop the UK crashing out of the EU on 31 October

At least 35 Conservative MPs have fired warning shots to Boris Johnson that they are strongly opposed to a no-deal Brexit. But there is no united front on what outcome they want instead and how far they are prepared to go to stop the UK crashing out of the EU on 31 October.

A tiny minority are seriously considering voting against Johnson in a confidence motion at the earliest opportunity, with Guto Bebb, a former minister, making the loudest noises about potentially working with the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and Philip Lee, another former minister, thinking about defecting to the Liberal Democrats.

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Dominic Grieve: I don’t want to put Jeremy Corbyn into No 10

Tory will meet Labour leader to stop no-deal Brexit but will not help him become PM

Dominic Grieve has said he would not facilitate putting Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street, saying his intention is to meet the Labour leader to talk only about possible mechanisms to stop no deal.

Corbyn wrote to Grieve, his fellow Conservative MPs Caroline Spelman and Oliver Letwin and the former Tory MP Nick Boles as part of his entreaty on Wednesday to get backing to form a temporary government that would negotiate an extension to article 50 and then call a general election.

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