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Five things we learned from David Cameron’s memoir

Extracts from former PM’s book reveal thoughts on Johnson, Gove and referendum regret

Extracts from the former prime minister David Cameron’s memoir For the Record have been published in the Times and Sunday Times. Here are five things we learned from the book.

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‘I’m livid,’ sculptor says as Brexiters use her sundial artwork

The Time party has co-opted an image of Wendy Taylor’s work on the Thames near Tower Bridge

In locked back rooms across the land designers and brand consultants are choosing logos, slogans and the best walk-on music for candidates before the likely general election. But one British political party has already come up against a common hitch: what to do when an artist is not pleased to be associated with your vision?

Wendy Taylor, a sculptor who specialises in large-scale public work, discovered last month that an image of her imposing sundial sculpture Timepiece, which stands on the banks of the Thames near Tower Bridge, had been adopted by the Time party. Her Grade II listed work features at the top of the party’s website and drawings of it are reproduced on its merchandise.

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As Westminster unravels, can I recommend losing yourself in the worst films of 2019? | Grace Dent

As everything becomes incendiary, all news confusing, all social media polarised, I have spent long periods in my local multiplex

At the 11am screening of A Million Little Pieces at the Vue multiplex, which I slunk into to hide from a parliamentary coup, I arrived to find the 272-seat cinema entirely empty. It was a little spooky, but I stayed. Just me, eating popcorn, enjoying Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s penis while Britain burns.

I’ve spent a lot of time hiding in this gargantuan 20-screen cinema on the top floor of a shopping centre through the summer of 2019. Finally, I understand the meaning of the safe space. I love the crisp air-con and pure anonymity. The snacks are atrocious, the staff sullenly dehumanising, and the tickets, all day every day, are a penny short of seven quid.

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Ian McEwan announces surprise Brexit satire, The Cockroach

Out this month, the Kafkaesque novella sees a man wake up as prime minister and is described by the author as a ‘therapeutic response’ to Brexit turmoil

In Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa awoke to discover that he had been transformed into a monstrous beetle. Now, in Ian McEwan’s unexpected new project, Jim Sams wakes and finds he must endure a worse fate: he has become the British prime minister.

Announced on Thursday, and to be published in just two weeks time on 27 September, The Cockroach is McEwan’s 16th work of fiction and his second to be published this year, after the novel Machines Like Me. Following the transformation, Sams – who was “ignored or loathed” in his previous life – finds himself with new powers and a new mission: to carry out the will of the people.

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‘We are living in disturbing times’: artist Barbara Walker on Margate and racism

Place, Space and Who looks at the experiences of five black women living in the Kent town

An artist who spent four months recording the experiences of black women and migrants in Margate came face to face with racism in the seaside town that will play host to the Turner prize later this year.

Barbara Walker relocated to Margate for a residency that allowed her to take over one of the Turner Contemporary’s galleries – a light-filled, cavernous space with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the Kent coastline. Although the room faced outwards over the North Sea, Walker decided to use the commission to look inward and explore race, migration and modern Britain in the form of five imposing portraits of black women, all of whom have moved to the local area.

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Exclusive: John le Carré’s new novel set amid ‘lunatic’ Brexit intrigue

Agent Running in the Field, due out next month, reflects ‘the divisions in Britain, and between Britain and Europe’.

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Just as intrigue over Brexit is expected to reach peak intensity next month, Britain’s master spy novelist John le Carré will be releasing a new novel, set in 2018, where the UK is ruled by “a minority Tory cabinet of 10th-raters”, and the country’s new prime minister Boris Johnson is at that point merely “a pig-ignorant foreign secretary”.

An early extract from Le Carré’s 25th novel, Agent Running in the Field, is published in Saturday’s Guardian. It shows Nat, a 47-year-old member of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI5), revealing his career choices to his daughter. As she picks away at his beliefs, Nat admits to serious reservations about the idea of England “as the mother of all democracies”, describing the country as in freefall, with “a minority Tory cabinet of 10th-raters … Labour no better. The sheer bloody lunacy of Brexit.”

Le Carré’s editor at Viking, Mary Mount, said that the novelist “doesn’t pull his punches” when it comes to Johnson.

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Swiss Film Archives inaugurates new research centre

Thousands of old and rare films, books, posters and other cinematic treasures – one of the most important film archives in the world - have found a new home near the city of Lausanne.  Twenty years in the making, the Swiss National Film Archives – or Cinematheque - on Friday inaugurated a modern new research and archive centre at Penthaz in western Switzerland.  “This is an extremely important moment, which has been long awaited,” Cinematheque Director Frédéric Maire told The CHF50-million ($50 million) centre stores 85,000 film titles, or 700,000 reels, as well as 2.5 million photographs, 500,000 posters, 26,000 books, 2,000 rare film cameras, and other valuable film paraphernalia in its deep vaults, which stretch over an area equivalent to the size of three football pitches. The site also houses a 40-seat cinema, a museum area and conference rooms. It employs around 50 people – from film restoration specialists to IT technicians.  “This is one of the most ...
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