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This is only the end of the beginning of our Brexit civil war | Polly Toynbee

This momentous week in parliament will not bring closure. There is no deal available that can do that

Let no one think it will soon be over. This is only the end of the beginning, in a Brexit civil war that will last a generation. There is no end in sight, no healing in prospect, no solution to hand, whatever the outcome of myriad votes. Just get on with it, MPs find constituents complaining. They are “sick of the sight and sound” of Brexit, warned the Mail on Sunday leader, without moving an inch on its own support for Theresa May’s deal. Few do budge. So listen to no one who claims their particular answer will bring some miraculous national “closure”. None will. Better then to ignore snake-oil political “remedies”.

Start with no deal, the most lethal ending, described as “national suicide” by Dominic Grieve. No need to rehearse the irrefutable reasons why crashing out would be a crippling economic blow and turn us into a pariah state. But note how devil-may-care David Davis would wantonly renege on certified EU debts with a blithe “We will keep the £39bn and spend it as we see fit”. Writing in the Sunday Times, he added: “Now is the time for the UK to call the shots.” No-dealer Dominic Raab tells May in the Telegraph to “send a clear message to Brussels that the UK will not be bullied”. His breezy talk of trading on WTO rules never reveals the killer terms they would entail.

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Grayling claim Brexit block could boost far right is ‘gutter politics’

MPs accuse transport secretary of dangerous scaremongering in attempt to prop up PM’s deal

Chris Grayling’s claim that blocking Brexit could lead to a rise in far-right extremism is dangerous scaremongering and a desperate attempt to shore up the prime minister’s Brexit deal, campaigners and MPs have said.

The transport secretary told the Daily Mail that Britain would become a less tolerant and more nationalistic society if it failed to leave the EU. He said reversing the referendum result would result in the 17 million people who voted to leave feeling cheated and urged colleagues to support Theresa May’s deal.

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Roy Hattersley backs second Brexit vote to ‘enfranchise the young’

Veteran politician’s support seen as significant intervention in People’s Vote campaign

The veteran Labour politician Roy Hattersley has come out in favour of a second Brexit referendum, just days before Theresa May is expected to lose a parliamentary vote on the withdrawal agreement she reached with Brussels in November.

He said the “vast majority” of Labour members wanted the party to campaign for a new referendum if Jeremy Corbyn’s calls for an early general election to break the Brexit impasse did not materialise.

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Failing Grayling couldn’t organise a traffic jam on a motorway | John Crace

Also this week: what space aliens would make of Brexit and a Spurs supporter longs for home


I’ve long since given up making any New Year resolutions. Partly because I’ve already given up more things than it seems reasonable to ask of any person and my exercise habit has already resulted in one total knee replacement, but mainly because I can’t bear the sense of inevitable despair that comes from having broken most of the promises I made to myself by the middle of January.

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Failing Grayling is a method loser worthy of an Oscar | John Crace

Transport secretary’s only outward sign of sentience is a twitch in his left cheek

Here’s a thought. If Chris Grayling didn’t exist, would you be able to create him? Would you dare imagine a government minister who was quite so dim and obviously out of his depth? Or would you fear that if you did, no one would believe you?

When Theresa May appointed Grayling as transport secretary, she did so in the belief she was sidelining him into a job in which he could do little damage. Put him in charge of the NHS and half the country might have died within a matter of months, but surely the worst he could do at transport was make a few trains run late or fail to build the odd roundabout outside Kettering.

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Grayling makes even the most mediocre of ministers feel good | John Crace

Stephen Barclay may be a clueless Brexit secretary but at least he didn’t spend £50K on failing to organise a lorry jam

Finally we have a confirmed use for Chris Grayling. He is the government’s secret weapon to make even the most incompetent and second-rate of ministers feel good about themselves. Not content with having wasted the best part of £14m on the government’s first-ever roll-on, roll-off pizza delivery service – all toppings guaranteed to be ferry free, the transport secretary has now spent more than £50K on failing to organise a lorry jam in Kent.

If the aim has been to make clear to the EU that the country is willing to spend any amount of money to prove we are totally unprepared for a no-deal Brexit, it is job done. Failing Grayling wears his hopelessness as a badge of honour. A man who lives and breathes the Samuel Beckett maxim: “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” An inspiration to the mediocre that complete catatonia is within their grasp. Even without the use of performance decreasing drugs.

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Chris Grayling, I salute you as a titan of enterprise and innovation | Kevin McKenna

Does it really matter if government hands out huge contracts to ferry firms with no ferries? Of course not

The ghastly and tribal nature of modern British politics was wretchedly laid bare once more over the so-called festive period. The unfair criticism of Chris Grayling, our transport minister, over his decision to award a vital, emergency ferry contract to a firm with no boats was, I feel, disproportionate and needlessly vindictive. Grayling assured us that Seaborne Freight would be ready to provide services from the beginning of April in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The firm has been “looked at very carefully by a team of civil servants who have done due diligence on the company and reached a view they can deliver”.

Grayling rightly chided a local Conservative councillor for airing unhelpful views on the subject. Councillor Paul Messenger said of Seaborne Freight: “It has no ships and no trading history, so how can due diligence be done?” Grayling replied witheringly: “I’m not quite sure what an individual Conservative councillor would be able to tell us.” Perhaps this civic upstart felt he had at least as much knowledge of this matter as a ferry company that has neither boats nor trading history.

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