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May’s Brexit deal is not dead – and only Rory Stewart will admit it | Rafael Behr

Even Boris Johnson will soon have to realise it’s a toss-up between an early election, or something akin to Theresa May’s deal

After the dodo, the most iconically dead bird in popular culture is the Norwegian blue parrot whose stiffened corpse appeared in the famous Monty Python sketch. Theresa May’s Brexit deal was compared to that parrot many times in the first months of this year in parliament and newspaper commentary. (It was also likened to a dodo on one front page.)

The deal was rejected three times by MPs; bludgeoned by remainers and leavers alike. It was declared expired; an ex-deal. The ostensible purpose of the Tory leadership contest, the criterion on which most of the candidates compete, is the quest for someone who can get a new, better deal – or who has the confidence to pursue Brexit without one. Only Rory Stewart poops the party by suggesting that the efficient route out of the EU is through the door that was opened by negotiation (and not by leaping from a top-storey window).

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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Wednesday 19th June 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Wednesday 19th June 2019


Apologies for spending time and pixels on yesterday’s unspeakable “BBC Leadership Debate”! It’s important – not because we learned more about the May successor contenders but because it showed how Remain BBC and the rest of the MSM are manufacturing a ‘preferred’ candidate.

If you preferred not to watch that ‘great debate’ between the remaining five contenders for the May succession, then you made the right choice. It was dire. The ‘performers’ were BoJo, Hunt, Gove, Javid and Stewart – Dominic Raab dropped out after yesterday’s ballot. There’ll be another ballot this afternoon, so the ‘fun’ will go on.

That debate was a huge shambles, not least because the BBC laydee meant to keep order simply didn’t or couldn’t. Reports which you might like to read are here (with video) and here.

Obviously, the MSM commentariat had to tell us what to think since we’re too stupid to think for ourselves. Unsurprisingly, their sickening love affair with Rory Stewart is ongoing.

Never mind that most of us outside the Westminster bubble – and that includes Tory Party members – know full well that Rory ain’t no Tory! Never mind that we know that all his admirers in the MSM would rather die than vote for him in a GE were he to become PM!

This sketch in the DM is an example that is not quite stomach-turning. The others are worse, believe me! Just look at this title in The Times – paywalled: “Rory Stewart’s light touch charms princes and warlords” …

Why do they do it, you might well ask. There are two reasons: one is that Rory is a Remainer. The other is that he is the chosen candidate of the Remain Tory MPs in their all-out campaign to ‘Stop Boris’. That he is supported by the Grieves and Lidingtons is all you need to know.

Interestingly, as far as the Remain MSM are concerned, it’s irrelevant that Rory has received money from a Russian oligarch and a Saudi Prince, see here. Play the substitution game, substitute ‘BoJo’ for ‘Rory’: do you think this wouldn’t have made headlines, screaming that BoJo is now disqualified?

There’s one aspect though which observers noted from the start but which apparently didn’t bother the MSM commentariat too much. That was the constant bias shown by the ‘impartial BBC leader’, Ms Emily Maitlis, who interrupted Boris Johnson incessantly with ‘gotcha’ questions dug out of the BBC archives.

The DT editor Mr Asa Bennett actually declared her the winner of the debate, and if that was meant to be tongue-in-cheek it did not come off:

“Emily Maitlis showed no fear, diving in as the contenders spoke in her crusade to get answers out of them to the questions asked by the members of the public who had been beamed in. “Are you listening?”, she at one point snapped at Mr Johnson.” (paywalled link)

Oh dear. I must have watched a different debate – one where she ‘snapped at Mr Johnson’ on a permanent basis …

Will this affect today’s ballot? Most MPs will have made up their minds already and it’s now only about jockeying for position to get a seat at the cabinet table by supporting ‘the winnah’. It looks as if the MSM dahlink will be shoved up and up and up.

Mr Javid, who just scraped in yesterday with 33 votes, may well decide to retire and tell his supporters to give their vote to Rory. We’ll know more later tonight.

Meanwhile, here is the acerbic verdict of the inimitable Sir John Redwood who writes in his Diary today:

“The BBC debate was dreadful. It was set up  and chaired badly so we learned little. There was no wish  to allow or require a serious discussion of the major issues facing the country. Boris was constantly interrupted by the presenter and the BBC pursued its agenda to make sure the candidates could not discuss the great opportunities that follow if we just get on and leave.” (link)

Just so. Do read the whole entry where Sir John Redwood points out yet again that the arguments from some of the contenders, about re-negotiating the WA, is poppycock (my word, not his – he’s far more polite!)

It is interesting that a remark by John Bercow – yes indeed, by the Speaker himself – got scant attention yesterday. Shorn of his usual insistence that the HoC ‘must have a say’, he told the French paper ‘Le Figaro’ on the weekend:

“Our default legal position, if no deal has been approved and if no extension is negotiated with the EU, is that we will leave the Union. In other words: we will be unable to prevent a hard Brexit.” (link)

Indeed – but the Remainers don’t want to hear this and the contenders are happy to big themselves up talking about re-negotiations which aren’t going to happen, or about how clever they are by going to get Ms May’s Vassalage Treaty approved by Parliament – that’s dear Rory’s stance.

Of course, with all their dealings en coulisse to garner votes from their colleagues one cannot expect them to know such things. Nor can one expect them to know about the ‘treat’ the EU has in store for us should we remain on May’s terms. It’s Switzerland which is on the receiving end this time:

“Swiss access to the EU’s single market is governed by a system of ‘equivalence’, which can be withdrawn by the commission. The equivalence expires at the end of July, unless it is renewed. The commission has said it will only renew if Bern made progress towards agreeing an overall EU-Swiss agreement, which would replace the current patchwork of individual deals governing the relationship between Switzerland and the bloc. The commission document, which was discussed before a final decision will be made, said, “An expiry of the ‘equivalence’ may be just the warning shot across the bow they need.” (paywalled link)

The EU makes no bones about the fact that this is meant as warning to the UK:

“Brussels is ready to punish Switzerland by blocking its access to Europe’s financial services market as a warning to Britain that the EU will not compromise on Brexit. […] The move to freeze Switzerland, a non-EU country, out of Europe’s single market is being interpreted as a message intended for a new Conservative prime minister. In a note to his colleagues, Johannes Hahn, the Austrian commissioner responsible for the Swiss talks, warned that making an example of Switzerland was necessary to make a bigger political point to Britain. “We simply cannot accept any further attempts of foot dragging and watering down internal market rules, especially in what is probably the decisive phase regarding Brexit,” he wrote, in a document seen by The Times.” (link, paywalled)

Just as the Brexit ‘negotiations’ were used by Brussels to ‘make a point’ to any EU member state to not even think about an ‘Exit’, so Brussels plans to punish a third country to show us what punishment is in store for us.

Of course our Remainers blithely disregard this latest example of Brussels intransigence where EU masks are now dropped. For example, all the pious words about EU citizens’ ‘Rights’ have been nothing but another Remain ploy:

“Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, yesterday rejected a plea by ministers in the UK to agree measures that would protect the rights of British and European citizens in the event of a no-deal Brexit.” (link, paywalled)

Let that sink in! This is the ugly face behind the smooth EU negotiators’ charming facade. And finally – as if the ongoing Tory balloting weren’t sufficient, we’re told to ‘expect’ another ‘bombshell’ today, see here and here. According to these reports, Jeremy Corbyn is expected today to

“… back a move for Labour to change Brexit policy and support a second referendum. […] the shadow cabinet is set to meet and make Labour’s stance decidedly pro-Remain, putting it firmly at odds with the Tories, who have ruled out a second referendum.” (link)

Labour, as I wrote yesterday, looks to position itself as the Remain Party in order to win at the next GE which will soon be upon us. That GE will be fought not on Party politics of LibLabCon but on ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ terms.

On that background, the winner of yesterday’s BBC “debate” may in the end turn out to have been the man who wasn’t there: Nigel Farage.




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Johnson looks to cement UK leadership lead after surviving TV debate

Brexit figurehead Boris Johnson will look to cement his stranglehold of the UK leadership race Wednesday (19 June) after emerging unscathed from a TV debate against his four remaining rivals.

The Tories want to back a winner. But they don’t know how to win | Rafael Behr

Neither of the main parties can expect traditional voters to return ‘home’ in an election. They need to learn the art of coalition

Two primal impulses are driving the Tory leadership contest: the desperate hunt for an election winner, and morbid fear of an election. Any tension between them is meant to be resolved by a Brexit miracle: the new prime minister releases Britain from European bondage on 31 October, and a thankful nation flings itself into outstretched Conservative arms.

It is always a mistake to expect gratitude from electorates. Voters see political pledges as a contract, not a favour, and they quickly move on to new demands. Labour’s victory in 1945 is the benchmark. If Winston Churchill couldn’t bank a VE day dividend at the ballot box, there isn’t much prospect of Boris Johnson getting one for some rickety Brexit bodge job.

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Tory leadership race: what’s the view from Europe? | Mujtaba Rahman

Leaders are hugely sceptical of Boris Johnson, but will do what they can to help him get a deal over the line if he becomes PM

Viewed from Europe, the race for the Tory leadership has taken on a surreal quality as Boris Johnson takes an apparently unassailable lead in the multi-round contest. As a plethora of hostile editorials and articles in the European press attest, the sight of a politician widely derided as a “mini Trump” becoming the new British prime minister has only confirmed the impression that the UK has been consumed by a populist revolution symbolised by the vote for Brexit.

At one level this “noise” is more than superficial, since it points to a fundamental problem with the Johnson candidacy for Europe, which is the baggage he brings as a high-profile character who made a career out of lampooning the ideals, initiatives and institutions of the European Union. There is no doubt that Johnson’s record as both newspaper columnist and foreign minister will make it harder for Europe to justify making concessions to him that leaders were not prepared to make for Theresa May. Come the October European Council, there will be voices arguing that any concession to Johnson is a concession to “populism”, and should be avoided.

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Tory leadership: Boris Johnson gets fresh boost as Leadsom backs his campaign – live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including the second round of voting in the Tory leadership contest and Boris Johnson and other candidates taking party in the BBC hustings

Turning back to polling, Opinium has published the results of a poll of people who watched at least some of the Channel 4 Tory leadership candidates debate on Sunday night. Among those who watched at least some of it, Rory Stewart was seen as the winner.

33% of those who watched, think Rory Stewart performed best in the #C4LeadershipDebate, with Jeremy Hunt coming second (18%) #ToryLeadershipContest #ToryLeadershipDebate

Rory Stewart has large leads amongst voters from other parties. In particular, 2017 Liberal Democrat voters backed his performance in the #C4LeadershipDebate (59% think he performed the best), and coming top amongst 2017 Tory voters. #ToryLeadershipContest

Viewers left the #C4LeadershipDebate with a more positive opinion of Rory Stewart and Jeremy Hunt. Michael Gove comes out worst. #ToryLeadershipContest

Best PM? After the #C4LeadershipDebate, for the first time, Rory Stewart leads the #ToryLeadershipContest, followed by Jeremy Hunt & Boris Johnson

Steve Barclay, the Brexit secretary, has released the text of a letter (pdf) he sent to Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, reaffirming the government’s commitment to protect the rights of EU nationals in the UK “in any [Brexit] scenario” and urging the EU to work with the UK on preparing plans to protect the rights of EU nationals in the UK and UK nationals in the EU in the event of no deal. This has been welcomed by the3million, which represents the 3 million EU nationals in the UK.

BREAKING: After meeting the3million & @BritishInEurope the Brexit Secretary @SteveBarclay has written to @MichelBarnier to urge him to seriously consider our compelling case for ring-fencing of #citizensrights under Article 50 no matter what Brexit outcome.

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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Tuesday 18th June 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Tuesday 18th June 2019

The LibLabCon Brexit Betrayal Conference 


Nothing illustrates better the daily Brexit Betrayal than the remarks being dropped right, left and centre by our esteemed LibLabCon politicians. In the run-up to today’s 2nd round of voting in that Tory wannabe PM contest, the first one up is Jacob Rees-Mogg:

“Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg let slip the real reason Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson has garnered such quick support from Tory MPs in a short time. “The key about Boris Johnson is that if he becomes Prime Minister I have a very good chance of retaining my seat. If we don’t get Boris I think the future of the Tory party looks very bleak.” (link)

Far be it from me to impute the base motive, of wanting to stay at the well-filled trough of the HoC, to JRM as reason to support BoJo … but do keep this little confession in mind when looking at remarks from other Tories, for example by the latest MSM ‘dahlink’, a certain Rory Stewart (more on him below), with Rory denouncing BoJo:

“Rory doesn’t care for Johnson, that much is clear. He thinks he’s an ass. Worse, an ass without a plan. The fact that BoJo has got Remainers such as Matt Hancock as well as hard-core Brexiteers such as Mark Francois to back him, he pointed out, was proof of his duplicity. ‘He seems to be having different relationships in different rooms with people who don’t talk to each other,’ […]” (source)

That has been picked up by The Times, as the authors recognise that this is all about staying in power:

“The coalition of MPs that Mr Johnson has stitched together to lead in the race is both remarkable and, as his rival Rory Stewart has pointed out, unstable. Some MPs have backed him out of fear of losing their ministerial jobs while others hope for promotion. Some believe he is the only one who will deliver Brexit by October. Others believe he is slippery and unprincipled enough to get out of that pledge. There is only one thing that unites them: they think he is their best chance of staying in power.” (link, paywalled)

It seems I’m not the only cynical observer of this Tory beauty contest …  The following observation is also interesting:

“Should [Johnson] be elected, however, this coalition could quickly fray. Some of the ambitious will be overlooked, while some of the cabinet placeholders will be dismissed. […] It may be that Mr Johnson does have a plan to unite the Tory factions, make the EU see sense and deliver the referendum result. But, given his reluctance to answer questions, we just don’t know what it is yet. Cynics and rival campaign suggests it doesn’t exist.” (link, paywalled)

Remaincentral is denouncing BoJo, while in contrast, they and the MSM are giving their latest ‘star’ of their own making – Rory Stewart – much leeway. Looking at his CV (e.g. here) one finds some interesting items, one of which being the possibility that Mr Stewart was working for MI6 – oooh, a modern-day James Bond? See here and here, and paywalled here:

“A Whitehall security source told The Telegraph that Mr Stewart had been recruited by MI6 after he left Oxford University and spent seven years as a spy before entering Parliament. The International Development Secretary has pointed out in the past that MI6 officers are bound by the Official Secrets Act, so “even if you found someone who was an intelligence officer, they wouldn’t tell you they were an intelligence officer”.” 

How … titillating! Obviously, Mr Stewart has to deny this – but it’s a nice deflection from the real issue: Brexit. Meanwhile, the BoJo lot pooh-pooh’ed the question of a coalition with TBP:

“Supporters of the Tory front runner insisted he did not ‘need’ to do a deal with Mr Farage, despite the rising threat from his new party. The rebuke came amid claims Conservative donors are plotting a tie-up with Mr Farage that could prevent the Eurosceptic vote from splitting at a general election – which many fear will come sooner rather than later with Labour threatening an early no-confidence motion against a new PM.” (source)

Rory Stewart doesn’t seem to have got that message, or else he thinks that he must differentiate himself from the despised BoJo and his ‘coalition’. Why else would he come up with this:

“Rory Stewart has appealed to Nigel Farage in a last-ditch attempt to secure a win in the Tory leadership race. On radio programme LBC, Mr Stewart told the Brexit Party leader: “You represent such an important part of this debate. The fact you actually lead us out of Europe in the first place puts you in a very important position in this. We need to find a way, as a party, of reaching out to you. […] we must reach out to you and bring you in to try to work out how we crack this.” Mr Farage replied: “Well, Rory, interesting. I tell you, when it comes to getting us out of the European Union, and getting us to be [a] sovereign country, I would meet with anybody and I’d travel anywhere to do that.” (link)

Is nice Rory then just an opportunist who will say anything to succeed May, with no compunction about lying to the Tory grassroots? Has he not understood that TBP is not ‘up for grabs’ as Nigel said (here)? Perhaps he saw this survey before he made his advances to Nigel Farage, purely as electioneering ploy:

“Almost half of card-carrying Conservative members would be happy for Nigel Farage to become their party’s leader, a poll suggests. In a YouGov survey 46 per cent said that if the Brexit Party leader joined the Conservatives and stood for their leadership they would be happy for him to win, compared with 40 per cent who said that they would be unhappy. The finding is one of several pieces of evidence in the polling that the EU referendum has shaken the country’s traditional political alignments.” (link, paywalled)

At least RemainCentral acknowledges that the political landscape is changing! Taking a leaf out of the Tories’ playbook, a LibDem leadership candidate has gone into the ‘Offer an Election Pact’ business as well:

“Jo Swinson […] who is vying to replace Sir Vince Cable, said many pro-Remain voters wanted politicians to put aside their party loyalties and work together to stop Brexit. […] She said voters concerned about Brexit “want politicians to be able to work with one another and to look beyond their individual party loyalty and interests to the wider interest of how we can stop Brexit”. (link, paywalled)

This shift from Party politics to plain Leave or Remain is becoming more discernible as time goes on. Take for example the upheaval in the Labour Party, where the deputy chair, Mr Tom Watson MP, is now demanding that Labour become the Remain Party:

“Mr Watson, the deputy leader, called for a change of policy now that the party was staring “down the barrel of a Boris Johnson premiership”. He said in a video message: “We must bring the public back into this decision and we must argue strongly to Remain.Our future doesn’t need to be Brexit. We can change the future. We can put Britain back at the heart of Europe again. We can be proud of leading the fight for a fairer and stronger future, together.” (link, paywalled)

It seems a typical Labour cry for unity against the hated Tories – but peering under the surface it’s obvious that Watson wants Labour to become the Remain Party not because of the Tories but because of the Remain LibDems who came second to TBP, polling above Labour and the Tories.

This is how the political landscape is shifting: Leave here – Remain there, and forget those Party colours! Moreover, as JRM let slip, for the parliamentary parties the real issue is about keeping their seats. For that, they are willing to sell out to the highest bidder. We, the sovereign, are negligible.

We can watch and enjoy the Tory leadership spectacle, we can watch and enjoy the LibDems and Labour getting into internal huffs – but we must never forget that this is only so much dust kicked up by the establishment to make us forget about Brexit.

All MPs are involved in this Brexit sell-out, so stay vigilant and write to them, LibLabCon – no difference! Remember – we are the sovereign, we told them to Leave – and ‘they work for us’. We can and will remove them.




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