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Britain to be ‘energetic partner’ after Brexit, PM to tell G7 allies

Boris Johnson also expected to discuss Iran with Donald Trump at summit in Biarritz

Britain will continue to be an “energetic partner” to its international allies after Brexit, Boris Johnson has said, as he prepared to fly to Biarritz for the G7 summit – his first major appearance on the world stage as prime minister.

Fresh from Brexit discussions in Berlin and Paris this week, Johnson will use a string of bilateral meetings with world leaders in the French resort to underline Britain’s determination to remain internationalist.

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The Guardian view on the global economy: opportunities wasted | Editorial

The G7 summit in Biarritz this weekend will fail to rise to any of its urgent challenges

Rarely has there been more need of collective action on the world’s problems than at the G7 summit hosted by Emmanuel Macron in Biarritz this weekend. Rarely have the chances of success appeared so miserably low. The G7 is supposed to be the forum where the west’s leading nations get to grips with thorny economic and political issues, and even though life has moved on since a previous French president, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, hosted the first get-together at Rambouillet in 1975, there is plenty to talk about. Three subjects scream out for attention: protectionism, Brexit and the climate emergency.

As in the mid-1970s, the global economy is not in good shape. Growth is slowing and there is a hint of recession in the air. In two G7 members – Germany and the UK – output is falling; in a third, Italy, it is stagnant. Around the world, factories are operating at much less than full capacity.

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Brexit: Boris Johnson says people ‘shouldn’t get hopes up too soon’ about prospects of deal – live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen

It is just plain wrong for Boris Johnson to label refugees crossing the Channel as ‘illegal migrants’.

Quite apart from the dehumanising language, there is nothing illegal about seeking sanctuary in the UK, and it is shameful that we have a prime minister who says it is.

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Boris Johnson starts the long Brexit campaign

August is typically the month when Westminster goes silent and lawmakers go on holiday, leaving reporters to fall back on stories about the holiday plans of the royal family. This summer, with the Brexit date approaching fast, has been much more hectic.

Boris Johnson’s cheerleaders are delusional – no good Brexit deal is possible | Owen Jones

Huge swaths of the British press are given over to Brexiteers’ fantasies. The sorry truth doesn’t get a look in

Ten days before David Cameron’s disastrous Brexit referendum in 2016, a group of EU diplomats asked me for my prediction. Ignore the narrative that remain would sweep to inevitable victory, I told them: Britain is heading directly for the exit.

Perturbed – this was not what other journalists were telling them – they explained what would happen if so. There would never be a favourable deal for Britain. This was an existential question for the EU: they could not incentivise other nations to leave. Their electorates already resented special treatment for Britain, from the rebate to its exemption from Schengen. They had their own domestic anti-EU and anti-immigration political forces to contend with, none of which they wished to encourage. And if their countries suffered any economic damage because of Brexit, then their voters would be even more resentful towards Britain and even less willing to offer concessions. Strikingly, there were no dissenters from this united position.

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Steve Bell on Boris Johnson’s Brexit meetings with Merkel and Macron – cartoon

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Despite the tough love, Johnson’s EU sortie has been a relative success

PM has lined up Brussels, Paris and Berlin as fall guys for any failure to find Brexit solutions

Boris Johnson looked supremely relaxed as he met Emmanuel Macron at the Élysée on Thursday, at one point even jokingly resting one foot on an expensive-looking French coffee table.

From one perspective, his laid-back demeanour was surprising: Macron’s public remarks before their meeting made clear that the EU27 are a long way from acceding to the PM’s request for a “backstop-ectomy” on the withdrawal agreement.

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