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Labour: Nandy says UK government’s support for Trump’s Middle East peace plan ‘disgraceful’ – live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen

Q: People are calling Nandy blue Labour. Why is that?

Nandy says the only time she has rebelled recently in the Commons was when the party was backing tax cuts for the wealthy. So in that regard she is to the left of Jeremy Corbyn, she says.

"A peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that leads to peaceful coexistence could unlock the potential of the entire region."@DominicRaab welcomes US proposals for Middle East peace:

Q: Which part of the party does the rancour come from most?

Nandy says she has friends in every part of the Labour party. It is family to her. There are people in parliament she is good friends with, despite not agreeing with them much on policy.

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What having a heart attack taught me about Brexit | Rafael Behr

A medical emergency gave me some perspective on the denial that has characterised the past three years in British politics

Something can be massive without being obvious, as I learned by having a heart attack. The symptoms should not have left doubt: sudden, severe chest pain; a burning lash down the left arm; air refusing to enter the lungs; a vibrating sense of ill-being, the world turning sour and dark.

Still I hesitated before getting help. At some level I knew what was up, but really not wanting a heart attack seemed like a compelling reason why I wasn’t having one. Forty-five seemed a bit premature for that sort of thing. Later, recovering in hospital, I was described as young with a frequency that would be flattering in other contexts.

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‘Got Brexit Done’: Tory party sells £12 tea towel in celebration

Mugs, magnets and pin badges mark UK’s exit from EU – but delivery will be late

Downing Street might be quietly warning Conservative Brexiters against overt triumphalism before Friday’s departure from the EU, but the message has not seemingly reached party HQ, which has launched a range of merchandise with the slogan “Got Brexit Done”.

Among the offerings is a £12 tea towel showing the slogan above an image of Boris Johnson flanked by a union flag and Britannia-style shield. Around the edge the departure date is spelled out in Latin: “XXXI Jan – Anno MMXX”.

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The Guardian view on Huawei and 5G: the risks are real | Editorial

Boris Johnson’s decision to green light the Chinese firm’s role in Britain’s digital future was understandable. But maximum vigilance is required

The lead-up to Britain’s formal departure from the European Union, at 11pm on Friday, has made headlines mainly due to a somewhat bathetic row over Big Ben and church bells. But in Downing Street, the fraught navigation of a post-Brexit landscape began in earnest this week, with a new kind of crisis over sovereignty.

Boris Johnson’s decision to allow the Chinese tech company Huawei a substantial role in supplying Britain’s 5G network is his first key geopolitical move, raising vital questions over data security. The green light to Huawei was given in the teeth of concerted opposition from the US and some of the prime minister’s own backbenchers. America has warned that the company’s participation in 5G networks would represent a major security risk to the west, given its close relationship to the Chinese state. Huawei has already been excluded from 5G networks in Japan and Australia on the grounds that control of vital infrastructure could fall into the hands of a potentially hostile power. One Republican senator said on Tuesday that “London has freed itself from Brussels only to cede sovereignty to Beijing”.

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Brexit’s new chapter: the ‘impossible’ trade deal

With just days to go before Brexit, European diplomats are already hard at work for the next phase: negotiations to hammer out a future with Britain after its EU divorce.

Steve Bell’s If … Boris Johnson’s big Brexit moment approaches

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Huawei should get a limited 5G role – the US trade deal can wait | Nils Pratley

A security issue should see Boris Johnson back his security advisers, even if it makes Trump furious

Should Chinese firm Huawei’s kit be banned from the UK’s 5G network? As with HS2, Boris Johnson is guaranteed to end up infuriating one side of the argument. The stakes, though, are substantially higher here, whatever the prime minister says about his hopes for compromise. One route could lead to trade conflict with the US. The other could pile costs on to the UK’s 5G network, with a knock-on impact on UK competitiveness.

Related: Keir Starmer accuses Boris Johnson of 'doing a runner' on Huawei

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