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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Saturday 13th July 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Saturday 13th July 2019


Goodness me – is there something in Westminster rotting Remain politicians’ brains? Two news items, funny as they are at first sight, lead me to make that assumption.

The first one (here) is again about the possibility of the new PM proroguing Parliament and what measures to take should that happen. Phil Hammond, still Chancellor of the Exchequer, has come up with this puerile proposal: stage a sit-in by MPs in the Chamber!

The mind boggles …  Is Mr Hammond, are the ‘Remain Rebels’ trying to get their youth back, behaving like protesting students? Is this the final, ‘rational’ answer by the Remainers? Do they expect us to be impressed by this? Frankly, I think they’ve now truly lost the plot!

The other is about Rory Stewart – remember him? Here’s the astonishing report about ‘Rory’ – who just happens to be in Kenya to study ‘Climate Change’, lovely piccie of him and a rhino included.

His plan is to start a “Blue Momentum”, to ‘transform Tory grassroots’ and, by raising Tory Party membership to 400,000 (yes, really!) to counter “Blukip”, i.e. all those former UKIP members who have allegedly infiltrated the Tory Party.

No matter that local and national Tory Party bosses have found no evidence of that: who needs a reality check when one can get into the headlines! It looks as if he also has lost the plot.

My diagnosis is that they have become so addicted to be in the MSM that the prospect of returning to the back benches fills them with dread. They’ll do anything, even unto talking about childish projects, to stay there.

There’s more: yesterday we saw the unedifying spectacle of Ms Amber Rudd denouncing her previously held firm objections to a No Deal Brexit just so she might keep some sort of ministerial portfolio under the new PM. Now she’s come up with this ‘justification’:

“Amber Rudd, the Work and Pensions Secretary, criticised Mr Johnson’s “alpha male” approach to politics but said she would still serve under him because he would need women in the Cabinet.” (paywalled link)

I take it that she supported Hunt because he’s a ‘beta male’. God save us from this feminist swamp! These are the ‘great and good’ who think they know best and that this is the way to stop Brexit! 

The Darroch affair is still making waves. There’s the question of the leaker – more on that below. More important are revelations from Tory ‘sources’ reported in the DT (paywalled). See this one for example:

“One senior Tory source pointed out: “Darroch called the White House dysfunctional, but if you really want dysfunctional then look at Number 10. You’ve got a situation where Trump is more passionate about Brexit than our own Prime Minister, and a civil service that is anti-Trump – our closest friend and ally.” (paywalled link)

Amazing, isn’t it – now they come out with these observations. Were they gagged and cowed before? Or is it that “Remain Rebels” were given leeway by May’s government to promote Remain while Brexiteers were told to keep Party discipline?

The next quotes are chilling. First, a bit of historical background to the ‘political culture’ which allowed the Darrochs in our embassies to flourish:

“According to Dr Gardiner, Mr Johnson will have to “work very hard” to repair Republican relations that began to falter under David Cameron.“When Mrs May came in, the foundations had been laid, […] Cameron spent too much time cultivating Democrats. He felt more comfortable dealing with the Obama administration than the conservatives, which has proved problematic.The leadership at the top has been lacking.” (paywalled link)

Indeed it has, but the next quote emphasises what has really been the case – something which we ignorant peasants out here had already suspected. When we voiced our suspicions we were of course brushed off as “conspiratorialists” because the Civil Service is impartial, dontcha know:

“And then you have had a civil service that seems overwhelmingly hostile to Trump. There’s a deep seated anti-conservative culture there. The current animosity between Theresa May and Donald Trump is symbolic of a bigger problem that dates back years.” (paywalled link)

It looks as if this Whitehall culture and tradition of anti-conservatism has influenced our policies to the detriment of our country for a very long time. It’s not just about the USA, we’ve seen this in regard to the EU and Brexit as well. Here is the last quote to chill you thoroughly on this hot day:

“[A] Tory source put it even more bluntly. “Boris’s three priorities when he gets into office should be his cabinet, his staff at Number 10 and the civil service. If he thinks MPs are going to be out to get him then that’s nothing compared to Whitehall mandarins. These are unprecedented times and there’s a fifth column out to completely sabotage Brexit. That’s the scale of the challenge he faces and he hasn’t got much time to solve it.” (paywalled link)

Well well well! Didn’t someone warn us about a ‘Fifth Column’ already? Hm. But let’s ask this of that source and of Tory MPs generally: ‘you’ve obviously known about the Mandarins sabotaging Brexit for some time. You have had insider knowledge. Why have you not told us voters about this?

Moreover, the gentlemanly approach by ERG members like Jacob Rees-Mogg clearly was misguided if not naive. The Remainers have been and will be playing dirty. So what are you going to do about it now? Still bring fluffy cotton balls to a knife fight?’

Finally, here’s the last chill-piece for today: the police investigation into the Darroch leak. This report has the statement of the Assistant Met commissioner investigating the leak, you can read it there. Here’s a summary in the paywalled DT:

“Counter-terrorism police began an investigation into the leak of diplomatic cables and warned newspapers and social media users that they would be committing a criminal offence by publishing further secrets. Scotland Yard said it was probing alleged “criminal breaches of the Official Secrets Act” following the leak which led to the resignation of Britain’s ambassador to Washington, Sir Kim Darroch, this week. In a highly unusual move, the Metropolitan Police warned publishers to hand over any other leaked cables in their possession or risk prosecution if they published them in print or online.” (paywalled link)

Counter-terrorism police? Is this alleged breach of the Official Secrets Act now an act of terrorism? Really? Here’s more:

“The statement from Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu came less than 36 hours before a Sunday newspaper was expected to print further revelations from diplomatic cables thought to have been leaked by a mole in Whitehall. It led to accusations by MPs that Britain risked becoming a “police state” and that any attempt to restrict the freedom of the press was “a dangerous road to go down”. (paywalled link)

The report in RemainCentral, i.e. The Times (paywalled) has another little snippet of info:

“Counterterrorism officers are investigating the leak of comments by the British ambassador about President Trump. The decision to call in the Metropolitan Police after Whitehall spent a week searching for the source suggests the government believes that the Official Secrets Act has been breached. […]” (link, paywalled)

Whitehall Mandarins couldn’t find the ‘source’, therefore it’s now time to call in – the Counterterrorism police? May I humbly ask why MI5 and GQCH have been unable to help out their Mandarin colleagues? Wouldn’t they, shouldn’t they know who leaked, and if not why not? 

Doesn’t this counterterrorism sabre rattling rather look like an exercise to frighten the public – us – to behave and not quote ‘leaks’ which disturb the ‘Great and Good’ in their Remain machinations? Tell me I’m wrong!

Or is it that leaks to ‘orrible papers like the DM must of course be vigorously stamped out because us oiks who read them might learn things we shouldn’t?

I’ll leave you with further proof that we must stay vigilant. That poll which showed TBP figuring below LibLabCon? Turns out the question was manipulated, yet again, by subsuming TBP under the ‘another Party’ option (see here). Every little helps …!

Between manipulated polls and police threats to keep ‘Whitehall secrets’ secret, between proposed sit-ins by MPs and brave wimmin MPs braving work under an awful ‘alpha male’ for the good of Remain, there’s one thing we can and must do: keep our eagle eyes on the Remain establishment and




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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Friday 12th July 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Friday 12th July 2019

Where Mandarins work …


Another day gifting us with evidence of our Civil Service undermining Brexit. I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re ‘out of control’, but ‘chaotic’ certainly hits the mark. It’s again about the resignation of the UK ambassador to the USA, and the leaked memos where he was, let’s say, less than complimentary about President Trump.

What does this have to do with Brexit, you may well ask. This: it throws a light on the europhile, Remain swamp, the cosy relationship between Mandarins in the top Offices of State (Treasury, Foreign Office, Home Office) and the government MPs – Tories, in case you forgot.

We’ve been told by Whitehall whitewashers (see this article) that Mandarins and indeed the Civil Service should be impartial, carrying out the wishes of the government regardless if it’s Tory or Labour. That is indeed what we were taught to expect. 

However, given that those top Offices of State have been riddled with Remainers, given that the Brexit mess we’re in is not least due to their ‘we know best’ and ‘the EU wouldn’t like it’ attitude, especially as the head of government, the PM, was a Remainer, we must question this understanding.

That Sir Kim Darroch is a europhile is therefore not surprising. That is not the issue. The issue is, for one, his leaked memos about President Trump and secondly that interested parties – supporters of Hunt – have used this affair to attack Johnson. There was a debate about this in the HoC yesterday. The DT’s sketch writer Michael Deacon reports:

“In the Commons earlier in the day, a Conservative MP, David Morris, had said Mr Johnson should come to the House and apologise for his failure to defend Sir Kim from Donald Trump’s attack.” (paywalled link)

Can we please stop with these virtue-signalling demands for apologies? And if not – can the HoC collectively apologise to us voters for disregarding our instruction to get us ‘Out’? 

In this uproar Hunt supporters have lost sight of two other points. One is that the current Foreign Secretary – who just happens to be a certain Mr Jeremy Hunt – must have seen those Darroch ‘memos’. Shouldn’t he have reproached him for this lack of diplomatic language? 

The other is that nobody seems to be interested in finding out if Hunt would have kept Sir Kim Darroch in his post after President Trump declared he’d no longer work with him. Surely we ought to have an answer to that question? And surely we should hear from Hunt why his department is leaking so badly? 

Meanwhile, there’s another little climb-down in regard to the Darroch affair:

“Theresa May appeared to back down on Thursday in her fight to choose Britain’s next ambassador to the US after her foreign minister hinted that an early appointment was unlikely”.(paywalled link)

Leaving aside the ponderous remarks by Sir Alan Duncan – a Hunt supporter – about appointing a new Ambassador, the following points are more important:

“The climbdown came as Sir Alan suggested there was no evidence the leaked memos – in which Sir Kim also described the US President as “in debt to dodgy Russians” – had been obtained through computer hacking. Speaking in the House of Commons on Thursday, Sir Alan said the internal investigation was focused on whether “someone within the system was responsible for the leak”, as the Foreign Office braced itself for further revelations this weekend.” (paywalled link)

This is where it becomes interesting indeed, and we have to congratulate the DT for having ‘sources’ not afraid to speak out – although we ordinary folk have of course no means by which to gauge the truth of what was told to the DT:

“The government has held “initial discussions” with police over the investigation into the leak, and will formally refer the matter to Scotland Yard if there is evidence of criminal activity. On Thursday a well-placed source told the Telegraph the leaker “has access to pretty much everything,” hinting that other UK diplomats could be dragged into the furore and suggesting Sir Kim was targeted because of his pro-remain views. “This leak is a warning to all those other ambassadors who might be remoaners that whatever your personal views with Brexit don’t deliberately put a spanner in the works or you will get the chip as well,” said the insider. “The leaker has access to pretty much everything. This guy is clever and well pissed off with the remainers in the civil service. That was his motivation. If he has the Washington cables which are the most sensitive then he has everything”. (paywalled link)

Well, we’ll have to wait for that bombshell so publicly advertised. Let’s see if it’s not a dud. Going back to what has actually happened – those Whitehall leaks  of which the Darroch one is only the latest – here’s a comment by Stewart Jackson, also in the (paywalled) DT:

“Jeremy Hunt would be wise to consider that if you want to try to weaponise the issue to damage your opponent, then it’s probably imprudent to deploy perennial Boris-hater Sir Alan Duncan, whose career trajectory resembles that of a kamikaze pilot […]. The conservative public has a sense of fair play and they can smell an operation to blame Boris for something for which he’s not responsible.” (paywalled link)

Just so. His next remarks and questions however go straight to the core, especially as so many of the Remain MSM seem to rely on leaks painting Brexit in as catastrophic light as possible:

“For too long and especially since the EU Referendum in 2016, the culture of leaking has seemed to flourish in the civil service and it appears to have done so with impunity. The senior Conservative MP Mark Pritchard this week called for an overhaul of the Official Secrets Act with a new Espionage Act to review the threshold for legal action and the possible sanctions available for transgressors and posed the question: What else is being leaked and to whom? (paywalled link)

Good point, and the answer is obvious: Remain Mandarins allow leaks provided they’re going to Remain MSM and help to stop Brexit, or, in the Huawei case, to get rid of an inconvenient minister. That was easy!

Rounding off this ‘Tale from the State Swamp’, all we needed was the shining example of Ms Amber Rudd, ardent Remainer, ardent supporter of Ms May, ardent supporter of Hunt, and more than ardent supporter of rejecting the No Deal Brexit. Yesterday, she suddenly declared that

“she now accepted that a no deal Brexit had to be “part of the armoury” as the new leader tried to renegotiate a deal with the EU.” (paywalled link).

The prospect of losing her cushy job as minister with a seat at the Cabinet table obviously made her reconsider her attitude. Principles count for nothing:

“Ms Rudd, who is supporting Mr Hunt’s campaign to be leader, had hoped to become the country’s first female Chancellor, but has now readjusted her sights and would be happy simply to keep her current job. […] A source close to Ms Rudd said: “Things have changed in recent months. […] But this isn’t just about Boris. Jeremy Hunt has also questioned whether she could stay in the Cabinet if she doesn’t accept the mere possibility of no deal.” (paywalled link)

These are the people who believe they are entitled to rule over us because of their ‘principles’, because they ‘know better’ and therefore are ‘better’. These are the people who are happy to sell our country for a pottage of lentils, provided they retain their privileged positions. These are the people who hold us in contempt.

They haven’t noticed yet that our contempt for them is now unsurpassed. There will be a reckoning, as there will be for those who believe that all will be well as long as BoJo is PM so we can all go back to sleep. A possible sell-out to the EU under BoJo’s premiership won’t hurt so much, right?




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Amber Rudd embraces no-deal Brexit as ministers pitch to Johnson

Cabinet members seek jobs under new PM with Liz Truss eyeing role of chancellor

Boris Johnson has begun receiving very public job applications from would-be cabinet ministers, with Liz Truss pitching to be a tax-slashing chancellor and Amber Rudd ditching her opposition to a no-deal Brexit in a bid to stay on as work and pensions secretary.

With Johnson on the brink of No 10, senior Tories have begun laying out their credentials for positions in his potential cabinet – some with more hope than others.

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