Brexit: DUP denies softening position on Irish backstop – live news

John Bercow suggests ‘procedural creativity’ to stop no-deal Brexit as DUP insists it is opposed to deal to make Northern Ireland different from the UK

Sammy Wilson MP, the DUP’s Brexit spokesman, has also dismissed that Times report, which claimed his party has softened its red lines on a Northern Ireland-only backstop.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he said it was “completely untrue”.

We will not be accepting separate arrangements for Northern Ireland that cut us off from the United Kingdom. The only different arrangements we will accept for Northern Ireland are those where the assembly has total scrutiny of any EU legislation it decides are in the interest of Northern Ireland and doesn’t damage our relationship with the UK.

And in those situations we will consider adopting appropriate legislation if we believe it is to the advantage of industry in Northern Ireland.

Boris Johnson continues his unofficial election campaign with another trip to Labour’s northern heartlands today.

In a speech in Rotherham to the Convention of the North, he is expected to promise northern communities “control over the things that matter to them”, and a new Northern Powerhouse growth body to drive the region’s economy.

To get this country working again, there is an urgent need to take power out of Westminster and give it to our great cities and regions.

We need to build a new, healthier politics that unifies people around place and positive change and delivers practical change for citizens.

The crisis over Brexit makes this a make or break moment for northern devolution. “Take Back Control” may have been directed at Brussels during the referendum campaign but the reality is that many people were also sending the same message to Westminster.

Whilst central government has been stuck in the Brexit mire, we have used devolution to deliver for our local communities on the things that matter to them. So today we are making a new joint call on the government for action in five priority areas.

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