Brexit; Boris’s Border of Bad News

Source: --- Friday, February 14, 2020
Brexit has arrived and the UK have now entered an 11 month transition period. A major concern for the waste industry is how this will impact the waste management of over 2.5 million tonnes currently exported to the EU annually. The transition period with the possible no-deal outcome for Brexit poses risks of port delays, possibly resulting in recycling banks and transfer stations becoming over capacitated and potentially recyclable materials being sent to landfill. The Waste Framework EU directive set a target of reaching a 50% recycling rate by 2020 in 2008. The UK invested in millions of pounds into initiating the framework in order to achieve this target with the added benefit of job creations throughout the UK. In addition to the 2020 target, Europe has also set a recycling target of 65% for 2030. There is a high possibility the UK won’t reach the 2020 deadline as their recycling rates peaked to 45% of all waste in 2014 and with only a few months remaining they are still struggling to reach the EU’s recycling target of 50%. Northern Ireland have already succeeded the deadline. Read more… Timeline: Transition period deadline According to Statista (2019), since 2001, the percentage of waste sent to landfill in the UK has been reduced from 80% to approximately 20% in 2019 and the UK government has implied they will respect the new stringent EU “Circular Economy Package” to ensure the amount of household waste going to landfill ...

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