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Here is my colleague Severin Carrell’s story on the Scottish court of session postponing a decision as to whether to intervene to force Boris Johnson to comply with the Benn Act requiring him to request a Brexit delay in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

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The Opinion of the Court in DALE VINCE AND OTHERS against the Advocate General is now available at

There's a very real tension in the Inner House's decision: if there really was no reasonable apprehension that the Prime Minister would break the law why would you need to hold over our two cases until the 21st? 1/2

What this tension - which won't have escaped the Court's attention - really demonstrates is not that the Court has got it wrong. What it really demonstrates is how far the Courts feel obliged to go to try and defuse conflict between themselves and the Executive.

Worrying. 2/2

This decision is a victory for the petitioners and everyone who wants the Tory government to obey the law, and call for an extension, so we can avoid a devastating no-deal Brexit.

As a result of this vital court action, the Tory government has been forced to concede the prime minister will comply with the law, and promise to send a letter requesting a Brexit extension. Crucially, he has also had to admit that he will not frustrate the purpose of the Benn Act.

A YouGov analysis of 300 surveys shows firm evidence that Britain has turned against Brexit since 2016, according to a report by Nicholas Cecil in the Evening Standard. Cecil says:

One of the most striking findings is that 204 out of 226 polls since July 2017 have shown remain ahead, with just seven for leave, and 15 ties.

So far this year, just one poll in the series has put Leave ahead, compared to 74 for staying in the EU.

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