Banking on a long life: longevity as a financial service

Quite a few new digital financial services are challenging traditional banks by targeting niche groups of customers. The theory is that they stand a better chance of getting people to switch banks if they aim tailor-made services at groups who feel they are being under-served. The danger of putting too many eggs in one basket is that the target group may be too small to achieve substantial growth. What about people who want to live for a long time in the best possible shape? This is the target group of an enterprise called Longevity Bank – which doesn’t yet have a banking license but is applying for one in the UK and is poised to ask for a Swiss fintech license. Longevity may seem a curious subject in the middle of a pandemic that has a higher mortality rate among the elderly than other age groups. But maybe this makes longevity a more compelling subject right now. The Longevity banking project is part of an international group, which includes a Hong Kong entity called Deep ...
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