Amber Rudd is further proof that the idea of compassionate Tories is a myth | Owen Jones

The former home secretary now supports a no-deal Brexit. Why do liberals keep falling for the likes of her and Rory Stewart?

Oh, Amber Rudd, how could you? A paragon of Tory moderation, a solid bulwark against the rampaging Tory right, a torchbearer for Remainia and one nation Toryism – and one of our saviours against the self-inflicted disaster of no deal, now a champion of a hard Brexit. Surely these are malicious rumours: just weeks ago you were described as the “cabinet’s leading pro-European” and were apparently leading the battle against a drunk and disorderly exit from the EU.

Sure, you’ve always had your foibles – consistently voting for all Brexit legislation, slashing and decimating public services and the welfare state, deporting refugees – but let he who has not stripped disabled people of benefits cast the first stone.

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