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Cull Dominic Cummings’ Influence.

Source: --- Sunday, March 22, 2020
Cull Dominic Cummings’ Influence. There needs to be a Cull of Dominic Cummings’ influence on UK Government Policy. His contempt for the ordinary people of the UK is entirely obvious. His Brexit campaign was built on huge lies. It claimed to want to improve the lives of ordinary people in the UK. It succeeded because of the lack of anyone offering a credible alternative. Now the benefits of Brexit are shown as to be the exact opposite. Cummings comes from an entitled privileged background and has never succeeded in anything he has done that involves the real world, rather than the rhetoric of political pressure groups. According to Dan Hodges a journalist at the right wing UK newspaper the Mail On Sunday, a civil servant leaked this damning assessment of Cummings: “He basically reads books by experts and thinks he’s assimilated that information and understands it as well as the writer.” The man is deluded, with a habit of showing contempt for people around him. He is an Oxford graduate who got a First in Ancient and Modern History. He was greatly influenced by his mentor the right wing academic Norman Stone, who specialized in the military history of Imperial Germany. Stone was a supporter of Margaret Thatcher, and defender of Pinochet’s mass torturing Chilean dictatorship. Stone was a heavy drinking nasty opinionated gifted sociopath, not unlike Cummings himself. Dominic Cummings has an obsession with Bismarck, the ultra cynical ...

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