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Are Tory proposals to charge foreigners more to use the NHS fair?

The fee will rise to £625 a year and extend to EU nationals, but how was this figure calculated?

The Tories have said that people on a work, study or family visa incur average NHS costs of £625 per year but only pay a £400 surcharge for the service. Increasing the charge, and extending it to EU nationals, will ensure “they are making a sufficient contribution towards our health service”, says the party.

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‘This has gone too far!’ Corbyn condemned over Labour plan to hit YOU with £2,400 bill

JEREMY CORBYN’S plan to wallop Britons with a £2,400 bill every year will lead to “eye-watering tax hikes”, with the TaxPayer’s Alliance warning the spending splurge has gone “too far” ahead of the Labour Party’s general election manifesto.

Dow Jones and FTSE 100 Forecast for the Week Ahead

Dow Jones hits record high, however, central bank liquidity prompts volatility implosion. FTSE 100 among underperformers with focus remaining on politics.

Corbyn: Labour immigration policy would allow ‘lot of movement’

Leader suggests liberal EU deal, but stops short of saying free movement would continue

Jeremy Corbyn has said he would want his government to allow “a great deal of movement” of people, in a sign Labour would look to keep a liberal immigration regime with Europe if Brexit goes ahead.

The Labour leader stopped short of saying free movement would be allowed to continue in its current form, but argued for immigration to help with shortages in the NHS and for an expansion of the rights of migrants to bring family members to the UK.

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Jeremy Corbyn deflects question on free movement after Brexit – video

Jeremy Corbyn has deflected a question about Labour's policy on free movement after Brexit. Appearing on BBC One's Andrew Marr Show, the Labour leader was asked whether the party's manifesto would repeat its 2017 promise to end free movement. 'There will be an awful lot of movement,' Corbyn said before adding that the public 'will have to wait until Thursday' when the manifesto will  be unveiled

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As rain batters Italy, Venice braces for high tide and another ‘tough day’

Several Italian cities were on high alert on Sunday after heavy rain overnight, including Venice where residents and tourists were braced for another exceptional high tide. 

BREXIT SHOCK: Mrs Thatcher would have been a REMAINER says Lord Patten

MARGARET Thatcher was "extremely unlikely" to have voted Leave had she had the opportunity in the 2016 referendum, Lord Patten has said.
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