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Understanding Frictional vs. Structural Unemployment

Frictional and structural unemployment are two different types of unemployment that occur in an economy. Frictional unemployment occurs when workers search for jobs. Conversely, structural unemployment is caused by shifts in the economy that make it difficult for workers to find employment.

Bank Reports Stumble on Tax Day

A look at whether Tax Day matters as market sentiment remains divided and investors hope for better consumer date from this week's earnings.

Debenture vs. Bond: What’s the Difference?

Corporations and governments may use both a debenture and a bond to raise capital. However, debentures are bonds that are not secured by the assets of the entity that issues them. They are usually issued to raise capital for a specific project.

Brexit: Theresa May ‘must appoint deputy’ to oversee next stage to avoid blunders of first phase

Theresa May must appoint a powerful “deputy” with agreed aims for the next stage of the Brexit negotiations to avoid the blunders of the first phase, a major study says. The government is in danger of ...

#European elections will show how Britain really feels about Brexit – of #Course the government wants to avoid it

It’s amazing how many times in the Brexit process we have been told that something unthinkable or impossible for the government to countenance, has come to pass. The prospect of Britain going to the ...

Ken Clarke: ‘Brexit is like a parody version of #Student politics’

Ken Clarke: ‘Maverick he may be, but he’s not going to light up in his office.’ Photograph: David Levene/The Guardian The twin pillars of Tory pro-Europeanism, the two men who defended that lonely ...

UK’s Theresa May seeks respite from Brexit walking in Wales

LONDON — British Prime Minister Theresa May is getting a respite from Brexit with a walking holiday in Wales — but there is no pause for political rivals hoping to take over her job. The prime ...
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