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Contribution Margin Definition

Contribution margin is a cost-accounting calculation that tells a company the profitability of an individual product, or the revenue that is left after covering fixed costs.

Technical Analysis That Indicates Market Psychology

A good understanding of crowd behavior is crucial to your understanding of particular technical indicators like MACD, Stochastics, etc.

Mark-To-Market vs. Historical Cost Accounting

Historical cost accounting and mark-to-market, or fair value, accounting are two methods used to record the price or value of assets.

Internet Banks: Pros and Cons

It may not be wise to do your banking exclusively with an internet bank. Here's what internet banks have to offer and where they fall short when compared to brick-and-mortar banks.

Zero-Based Budgeting: Benefits and Drawbacks

Zero-based budgeting differs from traditional budgeting because it creates a budget for each new period. While more flexible, it can be manipulated.

How to Read the Market’s Psychological State

What can on-balance volume, accumulation/distribution, and open interest tell you about the market?

Brexit threat to Northern Ireland jobs revealed by civil service chief

No deal would have ‘severe consequences’, David Sterling admits

Unemployment could rise sharply in Northern Ireland if the UK crashes out of the EU, the head of the civil service in the region has said in a letter to local political parties.

Security in the region could also be undermined, David Sterling said, adding: “The planning assumptions include the possibility that, in some scenarios, a no-deal exit could result in additional challenges for the police if the approach appeared to be unfair or unreasonable for some of those most affected.”

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