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British PM warns of catastrophe if lawmakers don’t back Brexit deal

Source: --- Saturday, January 12, 2019
British Prime Minister Theresa May has warned lawmakers that failure to back her plan to leave the European Union would be catastrophic for Britain, in a plea for support two days ahead of a vote in parliament that she is expected to lose. ...

Neil Warnock on Brexit: ‘I can’t wait to leave. To hell with the rest of the world’

• Cardiff manager attacks government’s handling of Brexit talks
• ‘I can’t wait to get out. We’re better off out of the bloody thing’

Neil Warnock has used a post-match press conference to attack the government’s handling of Brexit negotiations – insisting a clean exit from the EU will be better for Britain “football-wise”, and “in every aspect”.

The Cardiff City manager, speaking following his side’s 0-0 draw with Huddersfield, dismissed claims that Brexit will make it harder for Premier League clubs to sign players – then called on Theresa May to deliver on the referendum result.

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Grassroots to send ultimatum to Corbyn on Brexit

Source: --- Saturday, January 12, 2019
Senior Labour figures will face immediate pressure from party members to change party policy and oppose Brexit within hours of the meaningful vote on Theresa May’s deal with Brussels. ...

Bill Jamieson: Ffigures refuse to look over Brexit precipice

Source: --- Saturday, January 12, 2019
By any measure the UK economy should now have fallen off a cliff. Non-stop chaos over Brexit, parliamentary deadlock, a humiliating defeat in prospect this Tuesday for the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement, and then what? No deal? Brexit paralysis? Article 50 delay? No-one knows. ...

Corbyn conundrum

Source: --- Saturday, January 12, 2019
Outside Westminster you will find angry Remainers screaming “STOP Brexit” at anyone who will listen. You will also find Brexiteers so apoplectic with the impending situation that they will shout “TRAITOR” (or perhaps even “Nazi”) at anyone who is a Remainer. ...

We MUST control immigration and its costs both economic and social

FOR many, a key plank of the support for Brexit at the referendum was the impact of uncontrolled immigration into the UK.

Rival Factions Gearing Up For Battle Over Brexit Plan B If Theresa May’s Deal Is Voted Down

Source: --- Saturday, January 12, 2019
Campaigners for a second EU referendum are gearing up for a crucial 72 hours if Theresa May’s Brexit deal is voted down, in which they hope to “kill off” the alternative Norway-style ‘plan B’ floated by some MPs. May has promised to “move quickly” if her deal is rejected by the Commons on Tuesday, but it is unclear in what direction, and battle lines are being drawn as MPs try to put together a majority for their preferred alternative. One Whitehall source said preparations are already underway in Downing Street for Labour to call a vote of no confidence in the government as soon as Wednesday, while another said the PM would be considering whether to respond immediately to the vote result with a point of order in the Commons, like David Cameron did after being defeated on military action in Syria in 2013. The margin of defeat, the nature of the debate, the EU’s response and the reception from Tories to fresh reassurances from Brussels over the controversial Irish border backstop are all expected to influence the PM’s response. But rival factions for alternatives to May’s deal are already gearing up for cross-party talks as MPs try and stitch together together a parliamentary majority ahead of potential “indicative votes” on different options later this month, with all sides expecting the debate to “move very quickly”. A cross-party group of People’s Vote backers will meet on Wednesday morning at around 10am in Smith Square, arou ...

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