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Labour faces ‘mass challenge’ over Brexit policy

Thousands of members demand second referendum as poll reveals party’s share of vote would plunge if it backed exit deal

Thousands of Labour members have demanded their party oppose Theresa May’s Brexit deal and back a second referendum over EU membership. The call comes before a key party gathering which will be held amid warnings that some are already ending their membership over the issue.

The pressure emerges as the biggest Brexit poll conducted since the referendum suggests support for Labour would fall significantly should it back or allow its MPs to back a Brexit agreement. More than 5,000 Labour members and supporters have contacted the party before its policy meeting of senior figures this week.

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If Corbyn backs Brexit, he faces electoral catastrophe

The biggest Brexit survey yet shows Remain ahead – and Labour losing by a landslide in a general election if it does not oppose leaving the EU

I have seldom seen a poll on a subject dividing the nation for which the lessons are so clear. The biggest survey yet conducted on Brexit shows that Remain would comfortably win a referendum held today – and that Labour would crash to a landslide election defeat if it helped Brexit go ahead.

YouGov questioned more than 25,000 people between 21 December and last Friday. It tested two referendum scenarios. If the choice is Remain versus the government’s withdrawal agreement, Remain leads by 26 points: 63% to 37%. If the choice is Remain versus leaving the EU without a deal, Remain wins by 16 points: 58% to 42%.

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Difference between private and public equity

Private and public equity have advantages and disadvantages for both companies and investors.

BREXIT RALLYING CRY: Leave would get BIGGER victory in second referendum says Gove

MICHAEL Gove has reaffirmed his support for Theresa May’s Brexit deal and insisted Leave would win a bigger victory in a second referendum.

Clashes erupt in Paris between ‘Yellow Vest’ protesters and police

Rioters in Paris torched motorbikes and set barricades ablaze on the upmarket Boulevard Saint Germain on Saturday, as protests against high living costs and the perceived indifference of President Emmanuel Macron turned violent on the fringes.

Brexiters ache to dish out a severe spanking, whether we like it or not | Nick Cohen

They claim that suffering is necessary for a brighter future, so long as it’s not them

Wide-eyed foreigners long ago concluded that masochism was le vice anglais. Impressed by the volume of Victorian spanking pornography, the Italian critic Mario Praz wrote in the 1930s: “It seems to be an assured fact that sexual flagellation has been practised in England with greater frequency than elsewhere.” Or as a successful lawyer once declared on the theme: “Most people probably think S&M – spanking, bondage, whipping, role play like doctors and nurses, sheikhs and harems, guards and prisoners – is harmless and private and even funny.”

The late Christopher Hitchens, who claimed with pride that Margaret Thatcher once “smote me on the rear with a rolled-up parliamentary order paper”, explained it thus: “There is almost no English surname, however ancient and dignified, that cannot be instantly improved by the prefix ‘Spanker’.”

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Brexit: May tries to secure support for deal ahead of January 14th vote

British prime minister Theresa May will continue efforts to win over Tory critics of her Brexit deal as MPs return to Westminster next week, but both wings of the party warned that the plan is unlikel...
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