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Exotic Option

An exotic option is more complex or has a different structure than the American or European vanilla options.

‘POWER TO THE PEOPLE’: Britons to enjoy EXTRA CONTROL following launch of Citizens Juries

PEOPLE in the UK will soon find themselves with extra control as the Government plans to hand power “back to the people” through the proposed Citizen Juries scheme.

How Is Operating Margin And EBITDA Different?

Operating margin and EBITDA are two profitability metrics that are related but provide different insights into the financial health of a company.  

Forex Chart

A forex chart is a charting package which allows a trader to view historical currency exchange rates.

Criticising Boris Johnson over burka row only HELPS him become Tory leader, say supporters

ATTACKS on Boris Johnson’s language on burkas is part of a campaign to stop him becoming leader, supporters have claimed.

6 investing mistakes the ultra wealthy don’t make

Understand who ultra-high-net-worth individuals are and how they invest. Learn about six key investment mistakes the ultra wealthy avoid.

Bear Trap

A Bear Trap is a false signal in stock market performance suggesting that a rising trend in price has reversed when it has not.
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