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Fashion boss gives £1m boost to People’s Vote campaign

Superdry co-founder Julian Dunkerton calls for new Brexit poll and says fear is growing about prospect of no deal

The campaign for a referendum on the final Brexit deal has been boosted by a record £1m donation, amid growing public concern that Britain will leave the EU without any agreement.

The multimillionaire Julian Dunkerton, who co-founded the Superdry fashion label, said he was making the donation to the People’s Vote campaign because he saw a “genuine chance to turn this around”. He claimed that, if Brexit had happened 20 years earlier, his brand would never have been a success.

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Scottish rally highlights support for second Brexit vote

Campaigners face up to tough task of shifting mainstream parties’ focus from independence

Cheese and Brexit: now they’re both giving me nightmares

I have deep feelings about cheese. It used to help when I fretted about Brexit. Not any more

On holiday in Corsica, I ate a lot of cheese: le niolo, which is made from goat’s milk and so addictively delicious I would sometimes eat a slice at breakfast, lunch seeming too far off; and brocciu, a fresh, ricotta-like cheese made from ewe’s milk that is excellent with bread and salad and rosé, but which we also ate in the form of a rich but pleasingly unsweet ice-cream. Naturally, my dreams grew worse with every day that passed; cheese gives me nightmares. But my consumption grew exponentially. And even when I wasn’t eating it, I was talking about it. Beside the pool, my friend S and I would describe the characteristics of our favourites out loud to one another, two crazy voluptuaries with pink shoulders and sun-frazzled hair.

I love cheese. It came into my life when I was nine, and my parents took me to France for the first time – we ate oozing supermarket camembert in some long grass by the side of a country road, and I knew in an instant that Dairylea triangles would henceforth no longer quite do it for me – and there it has remained, centre stage, ever since. Lately, though, it has begun to play an even more vital role in my life. When, not so long ago, my worries about Brexit threatened to take over my waking hours – if I wasn’t picturing the 13-mile lorry park that will be the M20 some time quite soon, I was thinking about medicines and which ones, if any, I should try to stockpile – cheese stepped in, acting as a kind of proxy, a repository into which I could hurl all my other anxieties. What I mean is that I now fixate almost exclusively on what supplies of brie and chaource will be like next spring – and the rest is just so much noise.

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People’s Vote backers rally in Edinburgh for say in final Brexit deal

Ex-Lib Dem leader Menzies Campbell, comedian Rory Bremner and broadcaster Gavin Esler among speakers

Campaigners demanding a public vote on the final Brexit deal rallied in Edinburgh on Saturday to increase pressure on the UK government.

Backers of the so-called People’s Vote gathered in Festival Square to call for Theresa May’s deal on leaving the EU to be put to the electorate.

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Ex-whitehall chief Lord Kerslake says Brexit decision may need to be re-opened

The ex-civil service chief advising Jeremy Corbyn has said the UK must re-open the decision to quit the EU if it is faced with a no-deal Brexit. Lord Kerslake said the consequences of leaving without ...

Brexit figurehead Farage returns to fight PM’s plan

Nigel Farage, who spearheaded the drive to get Britain out of the EU, announced Saturday he was returning to the fray in a bid to scupper the government's Brexit blueprint. The former leader of the Un...

Brexit: Nigel Farage to go ‘on the road’ with Leave group

Nigel Farage has said he is going "back on the road" to campaign against the prime minister's Brexit plan. In the Daily Telegraph, the UKIP MEP said Theresa May's Chequers agreement was a "sell-out" a...
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