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‘Vim and vigour!’ Dominic Raab vows to KICKSTART Brexit talks in first showdown with Barni

NEW Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has vowed to “heat up the negotiations” with Brussels as he held his first talks with Michel Barnier today. With a deal needed by the October European Council summit, Mr Raab has made it clear he wants to end the foot dragging by the EU and pursue a deal with “vim and vigour.”

Brexit’s FINAL FRONTIER: Rocketing space industry means UK has NOTHING to fear outside EU

THE UK’s soaraway success in the space industry – and the fact that a QUARTER of all telecommunications satellites are built here – leaves us perfectly placed to capitalise after Brexit, regardless of whether the EU excludes us from Galileo, says science minister Sam Gyimah.

Famed bridge-builder Christian Menn dies

Swiss engineer Christian Menn, a world-class bridge-builder who continued a long tradition of Swiss bridge construction, died on Monday at the age of 91.  Menn, whose death was reported on Thursday, had a decisive influence on Swiss bridge-building and was involved in the construction of around 100 bridges worldwide. However, the focus of his work remained in canton Graubünden in eastern Switzerland.  Menn was born in 1927 in Meiringen, canton Bern. He received his doctorate from federal technology institute ETH Zurich in 1956 and the following year opened his own engineering practice in Chur with a focus on bridge construction. In 1960, he built his first bridges over the Avers Rhine.  Many more bridges followed, including the Rhine Bridge at Reichenau-Tamins (1962), the Reuss Bridge at Wassen (1972), the Felsenau Bridge in Bern (1974), the Ganter Bridge along the Simplon Pass road (1980) and the Sunniberg Bridge near Klosters (1998). Menn also developed the concept for the ...

Trading Dollars

Trading dollars describes a breakeven situation where there is neither a profit or a loss on a financial or business transaction in FX and other markets.

Square to Rally 20% on Expanding Ecosystem

Jack Dorsey's merchant platform has only penetrated 1% of its addressable opportunity: Analyst.

Would the Swiss starve if all imports were blocked?

If, in a crisis, all imports to Switzerland were stopped, the Swiss population would still be guaranteed enough to eat – although people would have to tighten their belts.  Each citizen would have to get by on 2,340 calories a day, compared with the current average daily intake of 3,015 calories, according to calculations published on Thursday by Agroscope for the Federal Office for National Economic Supply. This lower amount is still above most recommendations by the Swiss Society for Nutrition.  Self-sufficiency, also known as autarky, would mean people would have to adapt their diets. The biggest change would concern meat: pork and poultry, even eggs, would rarely be seen on plates. Use of sugar and cooking oil would also have to be reduced. Beer and wine would “basically be taboo”, Agroscope said.  Instead, shelves would be full of potatoes, baked goods and local vegetables. More milk would be consumed fresh, rather than being used for cheese – and all available meadows ...

‘I DON’T respect Brexit!’ Tory peer’s SHOCK tirade at choice of 17.4 million Britons

A TORY peer let rip at Britain’s desire to leave the European Union during a debate in the second chamber saying he saw little cause to respect the vote with a pop at Prime Minister Theresa May.
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