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Excess Employer Withholding

Excess Employer Withholding is extra money that has been withheld for tax purposes.

After-Tax Return On Sales

After-tax return on sales is a metric measuring profitability.

Fiscal Capacity

Fiscal capacity, in economics, is the ability of government, groups, institutions, etc. to generate revenue.

Dual Rate Income Tax

A dual-rate income tax is a proposal for reducing the number of tax brackets to two.

Consumer Credit Protection Act Of 1968

Consumer Credit Protection Act Of 1968 is Federal legislation that created disclosure requirements that must be followed by consumer lenders.

Phantom Gain

A situation that arises when a gain on an investment is offset by a loss in the same investment, which usually comes from an income tax provision.

IRS Form 4868

IRS Form 4868 is a form for taxpayers who wish to extend their filing deadline.
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