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Feed Ratio

The feed ratio is the relationship between the market price for a unit of livestock and the price of the food required to raise that unit to market weight.

Offshore Portfolio Investment Strategy – OPIS

Offshore Portfolio Investment Strategy (OPIS) was a fraudulent tax shelter sold by accounting firm KPMG in the late 1990s.

Gunnar Myrdal

Gunnar Myrdal was a Swedish economist and sociologist who won the 1974 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics alongside Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek.

Shenzhen SEZ, China

Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ), China, was the first of eight innovation and financial centers in the People's Republic of China.

Depository Trust Company IPO Tracking System

The Depository Trust Company IPO Tracking System enables underwriters to track purchases and sales of shares issued in an IPO, and identify flippers.

Charities in rush to back our petition for a Minister for Older People

CAMPAIGNERS and charities lined up to back and sign our new petition calling on the Prime Minister to introduce a Minister for Older People to her cabinet. Meryl Davies, chief of the charity Contact the Elderly, said: “We’re fully behind The Express’s campaign for a new Minister for older people.

Simon Kuznets

Simon Kuznets, a Russian-American economist, was awarded the 1971 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his research on economic growth.
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