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A constituent is a single stock or company that is part of a larger index such as the S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Johnson stirs Brexit battle with salvo against customs partnership

Theresa May’s preferred policy described in media interview as a ‘crazy system’

Source public sector food from UK post-Brexit, farmers say

NHS, schools, government and other services should use UK ingredients for food wherever possible, according to proposals

Food procured for Britain’s public sector after Brexit should be sourced from the UK wherever possible, the biggest farming organisation has said.

Promised sweeping reforms of food and farming have been cast by ministers as a flagship policy that will unlock some of the biggest potential benefits from Brexit. But farmers fear they will lose the £3bn-a-year taxpayer subsidy they enjoy under EU rules and be hamstrung by subsidised competition from Europe.

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‘This could be the end of May’ Tories on brink of CIVIL WAR in EU customs union row

THE CONSERVATIVE Party is on the brink of a civil war over future customs relationships with the EU which “could be the end of Theresa May” as Prime Minister.

Brexit news: British farmers should be ‘number one choice’ after EU exit

BRITISH farmers and growers should be “number one supplier of choice” for consumers in the UK after Brexit. Farmers leaders have produced a vision for Britain when the much criticised EU Common Agricultural Policy ends.

Going Concern

Going concern is an accounting term for a company that has the resources to continue to make enough money to stay afloat for the foreseeable future.

Theresa May facing renewed turmoil over Brexit options

House of Lords, Irish government and unhappy Tories pile pressure on prime minister

Theresa May is facing renewed cross-party pressure to accept membership of the European Economic Area (EEA) or risk defeat in the Commons.

Peers vote on Tuesday night on a series of amendments as officials work to try to find a deal on May’s preferred option of a customs relationship with Europe that is acceptable to Brexiters and remainers in her cabinet, as well as MPs and EU negotiators.

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