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José Dutra

Jose Dutra (1957-2015) was a former president and CEO of Brazilian oil company Petrobrás. He led the company from 2003-2005 and 2007-2009.

Growing-Equity Mortgage

Offered as an option to first-time borrowers, a growing-equity mortgage calls for larger and larger payments, but also shortens the term of the loan.

Subprime Credit Card

As an instrument for borrowers who have low credit scores or need to establish credit histories, a subprime credit card can include high fees.

Selling Out Of Trust

The illegal practice of diverting the proceeds from a sale, which should go to a lender, to some other use is called selling out of trust.

Sales Draft

A sales draft is a record created at the time a purchase is made, containing details of the transaction.

Minimum-Interest Rules

When two parties engage in a loan transaction, minimum-interest rules can mandate that a certain minimum interest rate be charged.

Trading Options With the Zero-Cost Cylinder

The zero-cost cylinder allows traders to trade the market while protecting their downside.
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