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The most important 24 hours in the political life of PM May – Brexit

Source: --- Wednesday, December 06, 2017
Daily Mail : Reports "  Theresa May’s 24 hours to crack Brexit: PM tells Irish premier that she will come up with solution ‘tonight or tomorrow’ after deal stalls amid furious backlash from Cabinet, Tory MPs and DUP  " Lets Get Real: The PM has a day to come up to the solution of the problem of Brexit when it comes to Brexit, the PM has to remember that she needs the DUP to keep her power, the Brexit MPs and Cabinet Ministers have public support for a firm Brexit, the moaning remainers have nothing to offer, are they going to leave the Party and join Labour OR  Liberal Democrats one would think not, in other words PM May has to be ruthless, she tell the remainers that they either support the deal or the UK leaves without a deal, time to play hardball, would Lady Thatcher in her prime have tolerated these remainers, no she would have not, time for May to become the next Iron Lady .  ...

What do real estate attorneys do?

Understand the role of a real estate attorney to help you decide if you would benefit from the expertise of this type of professional.

Apple Needs Its Own Streaming Service: Bernstein

A monthly subscription business would allow the tech giant to generate recurring revenue streams.

U.K. government facing doubts over its level of preparedness for Brexit

Source: --- Wednesday, December 06, 2017
David Davis, the official shepherding Britain’s departure from the EU, also warned that the U.K. must prepare for a “paradigm change” in the economy. ...

Exclusive: EU parliament details UK concessions on rights | Reuters

Source: --- Wednesday, December 06, 2017
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Britain will guarantee rights for as yet unborn children who join EU parents after Brexit and accept EU judges’ rulings on such rights, according to a draft European Parliament resolution seen by Reuters on Thursday. British Union Jack flags are seen on the desk of members of the European Parliament during a debate on the outcome of the last European summit at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, October 24, 2017 The post Exclusive: EU parliament details UK concessions on rights | Reuters appeared first on Firstpost . ...

National Securities Markets Improvement Act – NSMIA

The National Securities Markets Improvement Act is a law passed in 1996 to simplify securities regulation in the U.S. by apportioning more regulatory power to the federal government.

Juncker ‘worried’ Theresa May could be OUSTED if she fails to break Brexit deadlock

THERESA May’s Government is on the verge of collapse unless she breaks the deadlock on the Irish border issue, according to Jean-Claude Juncker.
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