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MPs and peers criticise tight security around Brexit impact reports

Papers can be viewed during pre-booked slots in reading room and some say they make no assessment of Brexit’s impact

MPs and peers have attacked tight restrictions on access to Brexit analysis papers, claiming their content is little more than what has already been released into the public domain.

The Brexit secretary, David Davis, is due on Wednesday to appear before the exiting the EU select committee, to which he has handed over 850 pages of analysis after being forced to do so by a parliamentary vote.

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Currency Convertibility

Currency convertibility is the degree to which a country can convert its currency to another currency or gold.

Helicopter Drop (Helicopter Money)

A helicopter drop is a hypothetical, unconventional monetary policy tool aimed at injecting cash directly to the public.


Numeraire is an economic term that refers to a standard price or unit that enables participants to compare the value of goods, which are valued off the numeraire.

British elections at risk from perfect storm of threats, says watchdog

Electoral Commission chair, who is probing possible Russian meddling in 2016 Brexit vote, urges urgent reform to thwart cheats

The head of the elections watchdog has demanded urgent reform of the UK’s electoral laws and warned that the country faces a “perfect storm” of threats that could put the integrity of the system at risk.

Sir John Holmes, the chair of the Electoral Commission, also confirmed to the Guardian that the body has launched an inquiry into possible Russian interference in the EU referendum and is waiting for evidence from Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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SEK (Swedish Krona)

The SEK is the currency symbol for the Swedish krona, which has a strong correlation with its neighbors, the Danish krona and Norwegian krona.

Price Inflation

Price inflation is the increase in a collection of goods and services over a certain time period.
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