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Britain and EU on brink of Brexit divorce deal

Solutions in sight on Northern Ireland and future role of European courts in UK

Theresa May tsar quits due to lack of progress to ‘fairer Britain’

ALAN Milburn, the former Labour Cabinet minister, has quit his job as the Prime Minister’s social mobility tsar in protest at the lack of progress towards a “fairer Britain”.

Can Futures Trading Solve Bitcoin’s Problems?

The introduction of futures trading is being hailed as the legitimization of bitcoin trading but what else does it mean?

Why applications for European business schools are on the rise

Shorter courses and diversity drive interest — but austerity and separatism are concerns

Nigel Farage criticised for saying he will keep EU pension

Anti-EU MEP called ‘shameless hypocrite’ after asking Andrew Marr: ‘Why should my family suffer?’

Nigel Farage has sparked outrage by refusing to give up his taxpayer-funded EU pension after Brexit, asking: “Why should my family suffer?”

It is understood the 53-year-old former Ukip leader will be entitled to an annual pension of £73,000 when he reaches the age of 63.

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The Guardian view on Alan Milburn’s resignation: Brexit and fairness don’t add up | Editorial

The former Labour minister’s attempts to promote social mobility have been frustrated by a government that is too preoccupied with Brexit to give the issues any focus

Theresa May heads to Brussels on Monday for another round of talks aimed at striking a deal about Brexit terms at next week’s EU summit. Mrs May is pursuing a deeply destructive Brexit strategy, which should be opposed, insisting on the UK breaking with both the EU single market and the customs union. However, the recent mood music on money, citizens’ rights and even on the Northern Ireland border has been tentatively favourable to her hopes of a deal. Even so, as the prime minister prepared for her trip this weekend she was faced with a deliberately disruptive new set of demands from her party’s pro-Brexit extremists, who are determined that the European court of justice can play no part in any transitional phase while Britain breaks away from the EU.

Both Mrs May’s diary and the extremists’ demands come right on cue at a significant time. They fully bear out what Alan Milburn said at the weekend as he and his whole team resigned as the government’s advisers on social mobility. Mr Milburn accepts that Mrs May has a personal belief in social justice, and he acknowledges that individual ministers – he singled out the education secretary, Justine Greening – have shown commitment to it in practice. But the former Labour health secretary damningly said it had become obvious that the government as a whole is unable to deliver on the issue.

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There is a solution to the Irish border imbroglio. But blind ideology prevents it | Caoimhín de Barra

The Tories could play hardball with the DUP over staying in the customs union and call a border poll. Unfortunately, hard Brexiteers wouldn’t accept that

The frustrating thing about the row over the impact of Brexit on the Irish border is that there is an obvious and straightforward solution. When Britain eventually leaves the EU, Northern Ireland should remain within the customs union.

While not perfect, it is undeniably the simplest way to avoid the difficulties that would come with a hard border between the two parts of Ireland. But this proposal has been rejected by the DUP. Yet it is tough to be sympathetic to their stance, because ultimately it is one based exclusively on symbolism rather than pragmatism.

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