‘Yes to an initiative promoting moderately-priced housing’

The free market in Switzerland has built housing units that remain empty because they are too expensive, or in out-of-the-way places, says Marina Carobbio Guscetti. The Social Democrat senator believes that the initiative "More affordable housing" will fix these problems. It will help the middle class and the less well-off. Apart from health insurance premiums, rent is the biggest item in many family budgets. Since 2005, in spite of lower interest rates and a high vacancy rate, rents have gone up 18.8% according to the available statistics. On February 9, Swiss voters will have an opportunity to change this situation. Following parliament’s rejection of the people’s initiative from the Swiss Tenants’ Association for "More affordable housing" without any counter-proposal, there will now be a nationwide ballot on the need to promote the building of social housing and free the rental market from the grip of speculation. In the wrong place, or too highly priced There is more ...
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