‘Insurance fraud is unfair and asocial’

Using social welfare detectives has reduced the number of fraud cases massively over the past decade. If the new law fails to win approval in the November 25, those paying insurance premiums and taxes will once again be the victims, says People’s Party parliamentarian Mauro Tuena. Until 16 years ago, large parts of the population were convinced that social insurance and welfare beneficiaries do not cheat. When the Swiss People’s Party became the only party daring to claim the opposite, it was heaped with scorn. The reality, however, looks different. Under the pressure of the People’s Party and later the media, countless fraud cases committed by claimants of social welfare payments came to light. The damages resulting from such scam tactics hovered at around six per cent of the total amount of insurance and social benefits paid. We are talking about billions of Swiss francs. Use of detectives undisputed Over the past 12 years, the use of insurance as well as social welfare ...
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