‘I prefer to fight to change the system’

With one foot in Switzerland and the other in the US, Jonathan Lachowitz is a cross-border financial planner and advocate for residency-based taxation. His story is the fifth in our series on US expats in Switzerland. As many Americans overseas know, you see your country in a different way – both for better and worse – when you’re overseas. I definitely feel like I’m a bridge between the two countries. I’m part of American groups in Switzerland and Swiss groups in America. I have great contacts all over Switzerland as well as in the US. I’m a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional in both the US and Switzerland, and I’ve lived in both countries as an adult. I’m back and forth over the Atlantic probably eight to 10 times a year, for business and personal reasons. I’m a dual national – American and Swiss – a taxpayer in both countries, and in terms of financial planning, these are the two countries I know best. This is my life, and my family’s life as well. My wife and I ...
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