Europe must find its will to power

The bloc could have more geopolitical influence if it only tried

Britain must act to save banking from decline

A new body is needed to co-ordinate regulation and foster midsized institutions

Is Boris Johnson softening on no deal?

Rivals quick to pounce on vague ‘eminently feasible’ comment

Trying to unite the country over Brexit won’t win Labour a general election | Peter Kellner

The polls make it clear the party’s equivocal stand on Brexit is losing it supporters. Taking a decisive stand is the only way forward

Ahead of today’s meeting of Labour’s shadow cabinet, here is a thought experiment. In the latest YouGov poll, the party has lost half its vote at the last general election. Suppose three-quarters of those lost voters had switched to the Brexit parties or the Conservatives, while one-quarter had switched to strongly remain parties – the Liberal Democrats, Greens or SNP. Pro-leave MPs in Labour’s heartlands would say “told you”. The case for Labour pivoting to a strongly pro-leave stance would be overwhelming.

The laudable aim of healing divisions cannot succeed while the issue of Brexit remains unresolved

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Rivals and Eurosceptics round on Johnson over Brexit stance

Frontrunner attacked ahead of the next Tory leadership vote over apparent equivocation

Tory leadership: Hunt suggests Boris Johnson can’t be trusted to keep his Brexit promises – live #News

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including the third round of voting in the Tory leadership contest and Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs ...

A Boris Johnson Brexit could spell danger for sterling, analysts say

Johnson emerged the comfortable victor in the second round of voting among Conservative party Members of Parliament (MPs) Tuesday, and looks highly likely to win the party leadership, in turn becoming ...
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